Saturday, May 25, 2024

How To Talk About Cannabis With The Elderly

Whereas youth (12-17 year olds) cannabis usage has dropped in recent years with cannabis becoming less taboo and more mainstream, so has the senior population (55+) of marijuana imbibers increased substantially. Still, we’re talking about a generation who was raised and matured with vicious anti-cannabis propaganda and the “gateway” myth. Now may be the time to rehash the topic with someone in your life who could benefit greatly from the herb if they were to either pick it back up or pick it up for the first time.

This isn’t an easy topic to broach, whether you’re an adult child talking to your aging parents, a senior who has seen the light and wants to spread it to others or an ambitious millennial trying to pass on the good word, you’re likely to meet with resistance if resistance is what has been taught. Here are some tips on how best to broach medical or recreational cannabis with a senior who could really use it.

First, let’s get a few things out of the way, no patronizing, no arguing, no raising of the voice even and especially no talking over arguments that will likely arise. So yes, listen to the senior in question’s concerns and then address them gently, but head on.

Talking points can include cannabis prohibition’s racist roots, the inability to overdose and die on cannabis and that a plant with so many benefits has reestablished a place in society, and could possibly do so in the senior’s life. Ask about aches, pains, arthritis, inflammation, sleeplessness or any other discomforts that can come with age and can be treated with cannabis.

Don’t expect this to be a one time talk. Prepare yourself with the best knowledge you have, and then put in your time. Sometimes even a simple icebreaker about cannabis in the news can lead to greater discussion or at least set the stage for marijuana to be a topic that’s not so controversial anymore.

Cannabis is an enhancement plant and even if the senior in your life is in perfect health, they will likely still benefit from its – yes – daily use. Remember though that this is a journey and you can’t just say: this is the destination. Ease into the conversations and let them form naturally. You might even be surprised to find it’s not as difficult a subject to broach as you first feared.

Even though seniors may have been raised with scare tactics when it comes to the drug pot, there is enough publicity, studies and statistics to make a case for medical or recreational cannabis. The tides are turning and it’s up to those in the know to make sure no one gets left behind on the path to wellness.


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