Sunday, June 23, 2024

Cannabis Business Employees May Not Qualify For TSA Fast-Track

If you are a frequent flier and also own a cannabis business, you may no longer qualify for the TSA’s PreCheck security program. It’s yet another example of the federal government digging in its heels as more states legalize marijuana.

The story came to light earlier this week when Aaron Herzberg, a Los Angeles-based attorney who owns several legal marijuana ventures, wrote on his Facebook page that “THE TSA REVOKED MY PRE CHECK AS I OWN A MARIJUANA BUSINESS!”

“They’re treating me like a criminal,” Herzberg said. According to the Orange County Register:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials say they’re simply upholding their policy of “zero tolerance for drugs.” The revocation is the latest example of the growing conflict between state and federal marijuana laws.

California and eight other states have legalized recreational marijuana, while 29 states permit medical marijuana. But the federal government still considers marijuana an illegal drug on par with heroin. That means cannabis consumers in pot-legal states can lose their jobs, insurance, gun rights and more because of federal pressure.

According to the story, Herzberg flies about 15 times a year and signed up for the Department of Homeland Security’s Global Entry Program. Under this system, “low-risk” travelers are allowed to bypass TSA screening lines.

Herzberg was about to board a flight at Los Angeles International Airport and when he checked in at the gate, he was given a notice that Customs and Border Protection had revoked his clearance.

“We have a very strict ‘Zero tolerance for drugs’ policy and he is a partner with CalCan (sic) holdings which owns medical Marijuana businesses,” the letter reads.

Herzberg, who has no criminal record, can’t understand the rationale behind the rejection. “I have absolutely no risk factors other than owning a marijuana business,” he said. Herzberg said he intends to ask Customs and Border Protection to reconsider the decision.


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