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Interesting Everyday Uses For Those Marijuana Fan Leaves

Marijuana fan leaves are pretty iconic looking but, if you think about it, they don’t seem all that useful. While they are largely unrecognized, they’re filled with good things like flavor, resin and tons of nutrients, which can be used in several different ways.

What Are They?

Fan leaves are the marijuana symbol and they’re the main leaves of the plant. They are generally used to check up on the status of the plant and to see if it’s developing properly. They’re the primary marijuana leaves and they’re the first and best when it comes to expressing anything that the plant is feeling, whether if everything’s going great of it something’s wrong with the development process. Experts on cannabis know how to tend to these leaves and know what to do if something seems off.

Fan leaves don’t contain a lot of cannabinoids, only traces of them, which is why they’re not generally used to be consumed. As the years go by and marijuana strains becomes stronger and more potent, it’s expected that there’ll be a larger presence of cannabinoids on the plant’s leaves.

What To Do With Them?

If you find yourself with a bunch of cannabis fan leaves, you can use them to a good purpose. Raw cannabis is always great for green juices and smoothies and by adding some fan leaves you’ll make your drink ultra powerful and beneficial. You can also use the raw cannabis leaves as garnish for a special meal, adding a nice looking touch of healthy greens. By consuming the cannabis raw, you’ll get all of the good and healthy stuff of the plant without getting high, which is something that some people are into.

Teas are also a great option. By adding some coconut oil or butter, the fat will activate the cannabinoids on the leaves and will get you a little high. If you don’t add anything, you’ll simply have a relaxing tea with a side of some really great nutrients. The cannabis plant has so much to offer; don’t waste any bit of it.  


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