Sunday, May 26, 2024

Is It A Good Idea To Work Out While High On Marijuana?

Dear Ms. Pot,

I heard that some former NFL star is opening a new gym in San Francisco (of course) that’s geared toward marijuana and working out while stoned. Sounds awesome. The problem is, I live in Milwaukee. Smoking marijuana while on a treadmill isn’t really a thing here in the Midwest, if you know what I mean. Do you think I can just use my neighborhood 24Hour Fitness for my own little weed workout?

Willy in Wisconsin


Dear Willy,

Yeah. I heard about that new gym, too. My first thought was, seriously? Even the fitness industry is getting in on the green rush? My second thought was: That place is going to reek. Or will the smell of fresh bud overpower the stench of body sweat? Anyway. I think getting stoned while exercising sounds ridiculous. It’s kind of like eating a chocolate bar while on the elliptical. Why cancel out the healthy feeling while you’re working out? (Some folks, of course, feel differently.) That’s what you’re supposed to do afterward, eh? Sure, ‘ganja yoga’ (also something I find annoying) has been a thing for years now, and ultra-marathoners like to tout the benefits of smoking pot while running millions of miles (apparently it alleviates pain and nausea). But you’re not an ultra-marathoner, are you? Somehow I get the sense you’re just a nice, normal dude who goes to the gym, works out for an hour, and then goes out for beers? If this is the case, I’d say unless you prefer the after-party 2 AM slot at 24Hour Fitness, why not just skip the THC and go for that good old fashioned natural high?


Ms. Pot

Hey, Fresh Toast readers and Potiquette fans! As marijuana continues its march to nationwide legal status, there are bound to be many, ahem, sticky questions and issues that come up. We’ve already looked at burning issues like if it’s okay to get high with your dad? And what happens when your dinner party host is slow to bust out the weed? We’re guessing you have your own questions for Penelope—so let her hear what’s on your mind! Email a question or two on anything marijuana related to: and she will likely feature it on the site! Thanks for reading!


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