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Potiquette: I Love Smoking Weed, But My Wife Does Not

Dear Ms. Pot,

Okay, I’m guessing you’ve heard this one before, but I’d still like your opinion on this common dilemma: I like to smoke pot and my wife doesn’t. I, like, really like to smoke pot: seven nights a week, and pretty much all day long on the weekends. I never smoke before work, or anything like that. But I do sneak a smoke on my way home from work, before I get on the subway (tip: marijuana makes the subway more enjoyable!)

And I’ll smoke again after the kids go to bed… when we’re watching TV. (We just started The People v. OJ Simpson. So good. How could you not watch it after all those Emmy wins?) My wife and I have a good relationship. She doesn’t hassle me about my habit. She really doesn’t care. It’s just that she never joins me. And I wish she did! A couple that smokes pot together, stays together, right?

Thanks for your input,

Harman the Husband


Dear HTH,

Well, to begin with, let me ask you a couple questions: Do couples need to do everything together? And if you’re both stoned all the time, who’ll make sure your kid does his homework? It might be better if you guys, say, cooked together or played Scrabble together. Though you’re on to something with OJ: watching quality TV together certainly does count as quality time together these days. That said, there is a tacit understanding between two people who do like to smoke pot… it makes it easy when both halves of a couple realize that it’s not evil or even escapism, necessarily, that it’s just a way to relax.

Sure, it might be ideal if your wife’s idea of a fun date were to smoke pot, go out for pizza, and go see Sausage Party. But you should just be happy that she still likes hanging out with you when you’re high. Which is a good thing, because it sounds like you often are! It could be an interesting experiment to try a pot-free evening, or two, and see what happens.

Or not.


Ms. Pot.


Posted By: Penelope Potter

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