Monday, May 27, 2024

Potiquette: Can I Show Up To A Work Party High ?

Dear Ms. Pot,

Next weekend, my office is having a pool party. First, I just have to say: office + pool parties = bad combo. (Do I really need to see my manager in his bathing suit? Or—shudder—Bob in accounting?) There will be beer and burgers, I hear. Volleyball. They want us to bond. Should I show up stoned? Would that make it better?


Colleen in California


Dear Colleen in California,

I agree. Bikinis and bosses do not belong together, for a variety of reasons. But … as much as I’d like to say, ‘Sure! Show up high! It’s a party!’ I can’t, in good conscious, advise any employee to arrive at work in an altered state. And despite the beers and the burgers and the bare-chested middle-aged men, this is still work—you’ll just be sitting in chlorine instead of cubicles. People that work together, drink together, that’s always been true. But when’s the last time a colleague popped by your desk and asked, “Hey, want to get high after work?” Society isn’t quite there yet. Give it time! That said, I do think—depending who you’re with, and what profession you’re in—you could bring a little with you. (Finance? No. Publishing? Yes. Tech? Well, Apple no. Spotify, yes.) One of my favorite surreptitious offsite moments involved a lake, a canoe, and a (fully dressed) 50-something, joint-carrying colleague. I admit: it made the otherwise awkward work party way more palatable.

Hope that helps, and have fun!

Ms. Pot

Hey, Fresh Toast readers and Potiquette fans! As marijuana continues its march to nationwide legal status, there are bound to be many, ahem, sticky questions and issues that come up. We’ve already looked at burning issues like if it’s okay to get high with your dad? And what happens when your dinner party host is slow to bust out the weed? We’re guessing you have your own questions for Penelope—so let her hear what’s on your mind! Email a question or two on anything marijuana related to: and she will likely feature it on the site! Thanks for reading!


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