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Is THC-P Really 30 Times Stronger Than THC

The potential of this cannabinoid to deliver highly psychoactive effects is enough reason for users to be extra cautious when using the products.

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) is one of the popular, but limited cannabinoids making waves in the cannabis market at the moment. The cannabinoid is mainly preferred by hemp lovers because of its rich collection of psychoactive derivatives. While obeying federal laws, THC-P offers hemp lovers a perfect way to feel the intoxicating effects of weed.

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) was discovered about three years ago. The available information on the fascinating cannabinoid is somewhat limited at the moment. Research showed that the compound is at least twenty times more intimidating than delta 9 THC. It has been observed to bind uniquely to the CB1 receptors. Potent psychoactive compounds like THC-P offer users a one-of-a-kind experience. However, it is imperative to dose the compound as you could easily get overwhelmed by it. New users are always advised to start with the lowest amount possible.

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THC-P Dosage and THC-P Strength

Cannabinoid dosage and strength are two different features that need to be taken into consideration. Before consuming any THC-P product, it’s advisable to know your limit. THC-P dosage defines the exact amount of the rare cannabinoid a person can ingest at once. It is often measured in ml. For instance, 2 mL of THC-P tincture While some measure it in vape puffs, that is five puffs off of a vape.

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THC-P strength, on the other hand, specifies the precise milligram strength of cannabinoids in a product. The market offers different brands of hemp products that have been produced by infusing pure tetrahydocannabiophorol extract into the base formula. The exact milligrams of THC-P infused into the formula determine how potent each dose of the product can be.

THC-P Dosage Chart (Standard)

The guide chart is divided into three: The beginner THC-P for low tolerance, the advanced HHC for high tolerance, and the intermediate HHC dosing for medium tolerance. Users in the first category are recommended to use 1 mg to 3.1 mg per session, while the second uses 5 mg to 10 mg. Users with a medium tolerance can consume 3 mg to 5 mg per use. This standard dose applies to all products with THC-P. Everything from tinctures to cartridges, disposables, and flowers is available. New users ingest very little on the first trial until they get to the point where they start feeling its effects.

Dosing Instructions  

THC-P products can be highly or mildly potent. When used as a vape or dabs, the user will begin to feel the effects about 20 minutes later. The impacts occur within 1 hour after ingesting THC-P tinctures. These products work the same way other cannabinoids like THC and CBD do, which is why it is best to always use patience after each dose before taking another.

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There were instances where the users felt the need to use more THC-P because the effects had not fully registered yet. Experienced THC-P users recommend a 2-hour break between each session. Different brands produce THC-P products. And each brand has a recommended dosage guide for users to follow. Check the product packaging and label to find the dosage chart for each product. With this chart, you can tell how much THC-P you’d be able to consume in a session. It’s always best to follow the instructions of each brand to reduce the risk of being overwhelmed.

How To Determine The Right Amount Of THC-P  

Tolerance levels differ among users. Not every new user can handle up to 1 mg, and not all regular users can handle more than 1 mg. Several factors influence how many cannabinoids a person can consume in order to have a satisfying experience. Before you consider only the dosing guidelines, here are some other factors you need to understand.

Tolerance Level

THC-P is a powerful cannabinoid that could intoxicate even the most tolerant user. You can use your tolerance to regular THC products to determine the appropriate dose of THC-P you can handle. If you have never tried out other existing forms of THC, then it’s best you start with delta 8 THC or delta 10 THC. This will help build a reasonable level of tolerance. Starting off with THC-P could be overwhelming. Even if you are a regular user of other cannabinoids, it’ll be best to start slow with this newer product. As mentioned earlier, its effects are much stronger than regular cannabinoids.

Delivery Method

Like all cannabis or hemp-derived products, THC-P can be consumed in different ways. Either as a sublingual, inhalable, or ingestible product. Whichever method is used, it determines how fast the THC-P compounds will be broken down and absorbed into the body. THC-vapes offer the highest potency effects as the compounds are immediately bioavailable. Tinctures, however, have a milder effect. Hence, vapes have lower dosage recommendations than tinctures.

Strain Type

THC-P products come in different strains. Each strain has its own unique cannabinoid and terpene profile. It is always advisable to stick to one strain of THC-P. Always try to research the synergistic effects of several strains before purchasing them.

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THC-P Dosage Recommendation

The dosing recommendations for THC-P depend on the type of product and delivery method. For vape cartridges, one puff would give a threshold effect, while three or more puffs would translate into more psychoactive effects. Disposable vapes also work the same way as vape cartridges. THC-P delivered through both mediums is highly bioavailable.

In contrast, THC-P tinctures are more accessible to dose. They are sold with dropper cases. 1/4 of a dropper delivers a threshold dose, while 1/2 or more delivers a more psychoactive impact. Other products like gummies and dabs have dosing guidelines on their packages.

Bottom Line

THC-P is an exciting cannabinoid for researchers to work with and for hemp lovers to dose on. Its potential to deliver highly psychoactive effects is enough reason for users to be extra cautious when using the products. Consuming too much or too little would leave the user over-intoxicated or unsatisfied. The best option to experience THC-P bliss is to find your comfortable limit and work with that. There are several THC-P brands to select from. Look up various brands and their reviews before deciding your preferred product.


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