Thursday, May 30, 2024

Is There A Trend For Low Fat, Low Calorie Edibles?

Long gone are the days when pot brownies were the standard edible option.

Before 2022, Americans and Canadians are expected to spend around $4.1 billion on edibles. Cannabis food and drink products are certainly trending, experiencing amazing growth in 2018 thanks to changing laws surrounding recreational marijuana and reduced stigma about use. Rising demands for more choices and healthier options has resulted in a diverse selection of marijuana-infused food and drinks. This is especially true in Los Angeles where the rising demand for low calorie and low sugar edibles has created a space for companies like Kushy Punch to thrive creating fat-free, dairy free, and GMO-free gummies.

Named one of the Specialty Food Association’s Top 10 Food Trends to Watch in 2018, edibles are viewed as an incredibly profitable venture. It makes sense that entrepreneurs in the space are looking for creative ways to appeal to a wider market. Just like women may have different desires for consuming marijuana, individuals with health goals may be more likely to indulge if there are edibles that meet their needs.

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Whether you’re on a new journey towards better health or self-proclaimed gym rat, we’re pretty sure you can expect more and more options cannabis products that fit within the constraints of your diet. It’s not all sugar-free gummies, either. Los Angeles based small business healTHCare focuses on baked goods made with only vegan, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. Other’s are creating protein bars and superfood snacks that appeal to health nuts as well as individuals with unique medical needs like diabetes.

It is worth pointing out that finding a low calorie edible may feel like a license to snack away, but don’t forget that edibles can take 90 minutes to two hours to take their full effect. Stick with one serving size at a time of new-to-you products until you’ve got a clear understanding of you’ll respond. And, if you’re brand new to edibles, it’s best to give them a try in a comfortable environment like your own home instead of at a party or concert.


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