Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Jobs You Don’t Know About In The Marijuana Industry

The emerging legal marijuana industry despite what some may believe is made up of more than just growers, extractors, and budtenders. The legal cannabis industry as we know it couldn’t and wouldn’t exist without the many ancillary services that cater to it. Just like with many other successful industries there are a multitude of different ancillary services working behind the scenes that help make it all possible. If you’ve thought about entering into the cannabis industry but were uncertain on where your niche could lie chances are you already possess skills or knowledge that could be very beneficial to cannabis businesses.

Professionals from many different backgrounds and areas are proving to be the backbone of what has been noted as being one of the most booming industries since the .com era. Let’s take a look at a few of the ancillary services that are helping the cannabis industry bud into the success that it is today.

Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing- Seeing how cannabis related businesses are unable to advertise through many of the traditional methods, digital marketing is a key component of most business plans. This means that if you have experience with marketing businesses through digital means such as social media, newsletter campaigns and others, there is a need for your skills in the cannabis industry.

Graphic Design- From packaging and product labeling to business branding there is an extensive need for individuals with graphic design skills within the cannabis space. Graphic design like in many other industries allows for businesses, brands, and products to stand out amongst the rest.

IT/Software Professionals

Software Development – Just like many other industries of this century, the cannabis industry relies highly upon software and technology. Professionals with software and app development skills are in high demand throughout the cannabis industry.

Legal Professionals

LawyersFrom criminal defense to litigation, trademark, and other legal specialties there is an elevated need for legal professionals such as lawyers within the cannabis sector. This is especially true in emerging regions where the implementation of a legal cannabis industry is just starting to blossom.

Technical Writers- When it comes to the fine print, cannabis businesses and organizations must be on point like a well put together joint when it comes to the wording in things such as pieces of legislation, terms and conditions and contracts. This is where the need for technical writers is on the rise within the industry.

Security Professionals

From physical security professionals on site at cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers to cybersecurity professionals behind the scenes, the cannabis industry depends highly upon security experts. With cannabis businesses only being allowed to operate as cash businesses in many markets, there is also a need for security professionals with money transport experience as well.

As you can see there are numerous different ancillary services that help make the cannabis industry the success that it is today. Many of the professionals catering to the industry do not work in positions that ever work with the plant directly. So, if you lack the knowledge of cultivation or extracting, don’t cash your bowl in on working in the cannabis industry because there is still a high chance that the industry needs you and the skills you possess from previous lines of work.


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