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5 Stories Of Love And Heartbreak With A Side Of Marijuana

Love is in the air—or not—this time of year. It’s a time to celebrate your relationships, cut old ties, or just treat yourself right—and for many of us, that involves marijuana.

Reddit’s /r/trees community knows best that sharing a story of your love or loss can bring people together. Check out a few of the greatest dating hits. No matter your relationship status, there’s something here for everyone.

For An Example Of How Not To Date:

This guy hid his habit for six years before breaking up with his anti-weed girlfriend. This story begins bleak, but ends with a silver lining:

“It was the only lie I ever told her. She had no idea I smoked or consumed THC in any way. She hated it. So misled, so judgemental[sic] of it. It really sucked honestly. I had to be so careful to hid my use. Because of this, I was never able to buy my own vape, which is my fave way of getting high. Today I finally ordered my own vape, and I will finally be able to get high when I want, in my own god damn home like a fucking adult. Can’t wait for it to come in to help me with the whole moving on with my life process.”

For Hope That It Gets Better:

Without much backstory, we go on a trip with this redditor who writes, “Haven’t smoked for two years but finally broke up with my anti-weed girlfriend and moved to Spain. €20 pick up from some gypsy stoner I met.”

Paging Seth Rogan and James Franco, your next buddy comedy is right here.

For Supportive Advice:

“This sesh goes out to all my fellow heartbroken ents,” this star-crossed lover writes. Commenters crowd in for advice and consolation, from “sesh on man” to recommendations for hitting the gym.

For The Happy Dog Parents:

This father-to-be was writing a love letter to his wife while stoned, when his dogs decided to get in on the sappy action:

“So, then my dogs pile up on the couch with me, well except for poor Roscoe, he’s too big, but he still puts his paws on the seat to stand at my eye level. So in this weird sappy mood I’m in, I put my hands on his ears and held his big head. His cold wet nose bumped mine and looked into my eyes with so much love I could feel it deeply. Normally I take this as ‘I love you’ and reply, I love you too buddy. But I really felt the intensity of his emotion being transferred inside of me, like taking a sip of a fragrant red wine and that warm feeling as the tail end of it runs down your throat. ‘I know your love.’ I said. I don’t recall ever hearing those words stitched together so beautifully. I turned to my other two dogs laying beside me and as they looked into my eyes I said ‘I know your love’ to each of them as my eyes began to water. ‘I know her love’ and a tear rolled down my cheek. And in two months I will be a father… I can’t wait to know her love.”

For Relationship Goals:

The girlfriend of the year award goes to this redditor who introduced her boyfriend to weed for the first time in a wake and bake session. Read the whole story: It involves naming his penis several times, eating way too many Nutella covered hot dog buns, and questionable shaving. Love is real.



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