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Now You Can Make Dispensary-Grade Cannabis Products At Home

There’s a device that’s about to make your pot a lot more potent. Meet Attorney Shanel Lindsay. She’s the founder and president of Ardent, which makes the Nova Decarboxylater, (aka the “Nova Decarb”), which Lindsay invented.

The Nova Decarb allows anyone to make any dispensary-grade products they can think of, with very little starting material, in the comfort and privacy of their own personal space. Fast acting sublinguals, effective topicals, and even accurate edibles, are all possible, with a small supply of herb.

“Ardent means passionate and I think that embodies everything cannabis is about. I have an ardent love for cannabis and I want to share that with people. We are genuine, true and are changing the perception of this plant,”Lindsay said.

What the science side boils down to is that all of the cannabinoids we look for THC, CBD, etc., are in acid form in the raw plant. They have an additional molecule attached to them, which needs to be removed, without destroying the underlying THC or CBD. It is difficult to fully activate it, without lose a portion of it. (Think of that friend who is happy to pack a bowl for you, but never lets you touch his bud, because he does not want the crystals or hairs getting stuck to your fingers.)

When the THC and CBD have that acid form, they bounce off the body’s cannabinoid receptors because they’re too big to fit. In order to connect with your cannabinoid system, they need to be decarboxylated.

“It is not vaporizing, it is just an activation step. You can vaporize afterward, with much more yield, and at a much lower temperature, because the decarboxylated cannabis will go up into the vapor stream more easily,” explained Lindsay.

PTSD patients, for example, tend to decarb and then smoke, which makes their medicine more potent. You can stretch your plant material a lot, this way.

The most basic fundamental process of cannabis is largely unknown, because of prohibition. The information wasn’t available.

Nowadays, most everyone knows that in order to consume cannabis, you need to heat it up in some way. When you smoke it, about 80 percent of the THC is wasted; most of the THC is burned off during the process.

“If you have a lab grade, precision device that gives perfectly even heating, it hones in on the time and temperature that is necessary for preparation,” said Lindsay. Dual sensors and a high tech, thermal blanket allow for precise heating cycles.

“Our only competition is the oven,” says Lindsay, “But a toaster oven, crock pot, etc., can’t do what the Nova decarb does. The smell is also an issue,” she pointed out. “Do you want your neighbors to smell you cooking cannabis?”

The Nova is a very even, precise way of activating any form of cannabis, such as the flower, raz, or shatter.

The Nova’s simple, sleek, compact purple design, looks as innocuous as a thermos and is just as portable.

Other uses for the Nova include decarbing CBD to infuse topicals; however, using full spectrum CBD is an important factor. Just like food selection, knowing exactly what is going into your body, is important. If the CBD is distillate, it is not full spectrum.

Prohibition kept the science behind cannabis and its potential potency shrouded in mystery. Said Lindsay, “Now more of it is coming to light.”


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