Friday, June 21, 2024

Ted Nugent Is ‘Hardcore’ Against Michigan Legalizing Marijuana

Over the past several months, Michigan has emerged as a top battleground for cannabis legalization in the upcoming midterm elections. Only Utah is comparable in its fight between supporters and opponents of marijuana. In both states, those in favor of legalizing the plant for recreational adult use are just as passionate as those vehemently opposed.

But in Michigan, polls reflecting locals’ views on legalization seem to contradict the political narrative each group is trying to establish. Just when it seems like ending prohibition in Michigan is inevitable, we see evidence that locals aren’t as gung-ho as suspected. It doesn’t help when the state government insists on referring to cannabis as “marihuana” on all government products, possibly confusing those unfamiliar with the tortured history of the word.

And so everyone tangentially affected by cannnabis legalization in Michigan has started voicing their views. That includes Ted Nugent. The conservative singer-songwriter adamantly opposes recreational marijuana. A lot. During a taping of Michigan radio show “Off the Record,” Nugent, who is from Redford, Michigan, was asked about the upcoming ballot proposal.

Surprise: He’s “hardcore” against it.

“I have stepped over so many dead bodies who tried to convince me that smoking dope was a victimless crime,” Nugent said.

“I was unhip because I wouldn’t, I guess, drool and puke and then die,” he also added.

This is nothing new from the notoriously sober rocker, of course. Earlier this summer Nugent got heated with comedian Joe Rogan on the latter’s podcast about marijuana. Echoing the sentiments he made on that podcast, Nugent peddled outdated “lazy stoner” stereotypes on the radio this week.

“When you’re high you cannot make a positive, meaningful, intelligent decision,” he said.

Nugent is so against smoking weed, he emphasized, that he turned down toking offers from Jimi Hendrix and Keith Moon. Though it may surprise outsiders, Nugent is actually pro-medical marijuana and has stated his belief it should be legalized federally.

Regardless, this type of outspoken view from celebrities and civic leaders alike should only continue the closer we get to November 6, when Michigan voters will decide on the measure. Until that day, no one can say with 100 percent certainty if Michigan is really in favor of recreational marijuana or not.


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