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No One Is Giving Your Kids Marijuana For Halloween

Your kid has a higher chance of being hit by a car or contracting ebola than receiving marijuana-laced candy on Halloween.

It seems like we go through this every year. In order to protect children on Halloween, local law enforcement agencies will post warnings on social media about weed-infused candies and treats. Instead of handing out fun-size Twix and Skittles, trick-or-treaters might receive drug-laced edibles, police warn.

We’ve already seen cautionary Facebook posts from cops in Johnstown, Pennsylvania regarding THC-infused Nerd ropes, and police in Florida have issued a similar warning.

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“As Halloween approaches, always check your children’s candy!” reads a Facebook post from the Neptune Police Department. “536 grams of gummy-style soft candy laced with THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) was recently discovered during a traffic stop. This candy looks very similar to regular ‘gummy bear’ or ‘sour patch’ type products.”

its almost halloween heres a simple guide to pumpkin carving
Photo by Flickr user William Warby

To be sure, checking the Halloween candy your kids receive is always a good idea. Unwrapped treats or anything bearing suspicious labels should be examined more closely or altogether thrown out. But as marijuana legalization spreads to various states, one of the last things parents need to worry about on Halloween is someone handing their kids pot brownies.

According to the Washington Post, you’re more likely to contract Ebola on Halloween than get weed-infused candy dropped in your pumpkin while trick-or-treating. If anything, you should be far more concerned about your kid having an allergic reaction to chocolate bars with peanuts or pedestrians being hit by cars.

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But the most obvious reason, as both Slate and Orlando Weekly note, is that marijuana is downright expensive. A single 10 mg THC-laced gummy/candy starts for $3.25 at legal dispensaries and runs between $10-15 for gourmet chocolate products. On the black market, those prices go even higher. In addition, many legal states institute strict packing and labeling requirements. The “THC-included” logo that features a marijuana leaf can be found on many marijuana labels while Washington state requires an additional “Not for Kids” logo.

This a myth debunked again and again. But it will probably persist until full-blown legalization and regulation occur. Until then, make sure your kid doesn’t catch Ebola this Halloween. Because you don’t have to worry about any marijuana candies.


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