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Old People And Republicans Are the Only Groups Who Don’t Support Legalized Marijuana

Fifty-seven percent of Americans now support legalized marijuana, according to the newly-released results from 2016 survey by the General Social Survey. That figure is up five percent since a similar survey was conducted in 2014.

The Washington Post reports the numbers are even higher among younger people. Two-thirds of people 18 to 34 support legalization, while people the majority of people surveyed between 35 to 49 and 50 to 64 support it.

As you might expect, only old people oppose it—only 42 percent support legalization, according to the survey.

There is room for hope though, even for the olds: In 2008, just 21 percent of people 65 and older supported it, so perhaps in another eight years the majority of our elders will have changed their minds (or at least have died off and been replaced by younger—and more weed friendly—baby boomers).

There was a similar divide between Republicans, Independents, and Democrats. Over 60 percent of Independents and Democrats said they favored legalization, compared to just 40 percent of Republicans.


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