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Explaining the Mystery Behind Why Thor Was Unworthy Of His Hammer

One of Marvel’s biggest mysteries of the past three years was revealed in the 5th and final issue of The Unworthy Thor. Jason Aaron’s Thor run has been seminal since his start with Thor: God of Thunder and as one story concludes we can only pray another begins anew. Thor spoilers are below so if you are not current on the Asgardian’s comings and goings, to reading further, I say thee nay.

Cover Art via Marvel

Way back in Original Sin #7 (August 2014), Nick Fury whispered something to Thor. Whatever it was he said to the Thundergod, it instantly made him unworthy to wield his mythical hammer Mjolnir. This sent Thor into a deep depression and an even deeper drinking bender. Being in such a state, he even lost a fight to Malekith and got his arm cut off. But when your dad is the All Father, you receive incredible health coverage and Thor (now going by the name Odinson) is outfitted with a prosthetic arm made of black uru.

Meanwhile Mjolnir decided to start seeing other people and called out to Jane Foster. She became the new Thor and has had adventures aplenty. Unfortunately for her, she has cancer. And although her prognosis is hopeful, every time she lifts Mjolnir to transform into Thor, her chemo treatments are nullified, so that when she transforms back into Jane, it’s as if she’s received no treatment and she’s getting worse everyday. But the 10 realms need a Thor so she persists, despite the fact transforming into Thor is killing her.

Just before the death of the Marvel Universe, Odinson found that he could pick up a Mjolnir from another universe. This hammer had an opposite enchantment that allowed only the “unworthy” to wield it. (Seems like a poor enchantment, like just about anybody could pick that thing up.) Soon though, as the universe was dying, Odinson tried to lift his unworthy hammer one last time to battle a horde of Beyonders with his BFF Hyperion. Only to find that he was now worthy again and could not lift it. After a hearty laugh at his circumstance and fate, he was killed.

Cover Art via Marvel

But as luck would have it, (comic bookery in action) the Marvel Universe was born anew, combining a few of the more popular/profitable universes together to make and All New All Different Marvel Universe. The Odinson is alive again and seeks yet another Mjolnir. Not just any Mjolnir mind you, but the one from the Ultimate universe. It was cast into the void by Ultimate Thor (confused yet?) during the Secret Wars: Thors event. And the Odinson really wants that damn hammer.

Unfortunately, after finally locating it, he finds it is housed in the private collection of the Collector. So he and his old friend Beta Ray Bill try to get their hands on it, but end up as part of the Collector’s Collection. Upon their escape they find that they’re not the only ones seeking this hammer, but that Thanos himself wants it. After fighting tooth and nail against Thanos’ Black Order, Thor Odinson finally gets his hands on the Ultimate Mjolnir, only to face Thanos himself in a final battle.

Three years, two hammers, and a handful of Thors later, when Odinson is presented the opportunity to claim the Ultimate Mjolnir, he refuses. Odinson accepts that the hammer isn’t his to wield, and really what he wanted was the weighty purpose something like Mjolnir delivers. And it’s not that Odinson believes just himself unworthy of the hammer, but that all Asgardian Gods are.

Cover Art via Marvel

As it were, the words Nick Fury told Thor was that “Gorr was right.” The God Butcher had launched his assault on the gods, believing they’d abused the mortals’ faith below them far too long and their end was fast approaching. Though Odinson opposed Gorr, deep down he knew Nick Fury was right as soon as heard it. That’s why he believes no god is worthy of Mjolnir, including himself.

There was more to come from Unworthy Thor’s final issue, like the introduction of “War Thor,” which sounds delightful (and not just because it rhymes). As always in comic book, just who the identity is of this new Thor, we’ll have to wait until the next months to find out.




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