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13 Power Tips For Planning The Perfect Cannabis Party

Samantha Montanaro is a mother, farmer, thrifter, hostess, artist and graphic designer; She also leads the Prism House team. As per the PrismHousePDX website, this team “is especially known for hosting community events and curating one of a kind 21 and over cannabis-friendly events.” Following are Montanaro’s top tips for planning the perfect cannabis party:

Photo courtesy of Amarett

Setting An Intention

Set an intention and keep that in the forefront of every decision made for the gathering. This simple set will help the cannabis party run smoothly because all of the pieces are a part of the bigger goal. Guests can feel it when there is a real reason they are all together.

Need Food

Food is essential – have good munchies and plenty of them!

Cannabis Party Mood Music

Music can make or break the mood. Have something upbeat but chill. Montanaro finds soul music is always a great genre for a cannabis party – smooth & groovy.

Encourage Responsible Consumption

Set the stage for responsible consumption by making a disclaimer at the start. Remind guests that everyone has a unique body and to not feel pressure to hit every joint that circles the party. Guests can always have more… it is really not fun to have too much, and can be quite embarrassing at a cannabis party.

Be Prepared at for Overconsumption

Have tools on hand to mitigate overconsumption – CBD capsules and lemon juice or essential oils can help reduce intoxication of cannabis. Be prepared to hold someone’s hand through it. It’s the host’s job to make sure this doesn’t happen to begin with, but things happen and people have unique tolerances.

Use Low Dose Edibles

If infused food is served at a cannabis party, keep it extremely low dose. This is the only way to ensure nobody will over consume. 5mgs or less is best! Encourage people to wait a while before going back for seconds.

Keeping Guests Hydrated

Drinks are of course essential as well… but maybe choose a lemonade or other citrus drink to help keep everyone’s high mellow while quenching their thirst!

Get Guests Home Safely from a Cannabis Party

Encourage safe transportation after the cannabis party is over – make it easy for guests to take a Lyft, Uber, or public transit.

Label Cannabis Goods

Label the goods available for guests to consume. Impress the guests with a selection of cannabis goods and label them well so everyone knows what they are consuming! As Montanaro states, “This is the BEST part about legal cannabis! We know what we are smoking and we love it!”

Watch One’s Own Cannabis Use

Hosts should keep their own consumption in check – it can be easy to puff every pipe someone passes to the host. Set the stage at the cannabis party for fun and responsible consumption and the party seems to follow suit! HAVE FUN!

Pay Attention to the Little Details

Photo courtesy of Amarett

As a supplement to Montanaro’s helpful cannabis party hints, author Zoe Wilder offers some additional tips for hosting a great cannabis party. Her suggestions include the need to pay attention to the little details that add festive touches. For example, cover tables with linen hemp runners and seasonal floral arrangements. Instead of having dirty bongs lying around, consider having a smoking station set up. Also, have some pipes, vape pends and other smoking implements arranged discretely in a festive manner. Setting up a dab bar is another possibility provided you have someone around who can man the bar. Also, look for a classy way to present your cannabis such as in a Cannador. This device functions similar to a humidor and also works if one is transporting cannabis to an event.

Save Money by Infusing Your Own Edibles

An easy way to infuse one’s own edibles is to make them beforehand using a MagicalButter machine. Check out this list of easy to make recipes. Be sure to indicate which edibles are infused and which one’s aren’t. MagicalButter makes a cool mold for gummies and medibles that indicates if an item is infused or not.

Party Favors

Finally, close out the party by giving guests a parting gift. Consider packing along sample sizes of products like Empower Oil. This cannabis oil works wonders for treating joint pain, muscle soreness and other physical ailments, and is available in both black label with THC and a CBD only white label. Throw in a pre-roll and a cannabis themed lighter so guests can partake when they get home. (Check out Pachecos, a discreet pre-roll with a filter that gives off a smooth taste and looks more like a cigarette than a joint. They come in a classy single serving packages made from recycled materials.) Also, homemade infused edibles are popular gift bag items. Other suggested items to include are hemp infused lip balms and lotions by CannaSmack. Hemp only items like these do not contain any CBD. Hence, they can easily be transported by those guests from out of state who would like to take home a memento of their trip.



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