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Pumpkin Spice Marijuana Edibles: Now A Thing

Because pumpkin spice is evidently the new fall mascot, cannabis has shape-shifted into conformity.

That’s depressing news if you like your weed the old-fashioned way — unpretentious. But great news if you’ve always wanted your weed to taste a bit more seasonal and basic, like the good folks over at Gfarma Labs already know you do. Since sales have been off-the-charts ridiculous, the company is once again offering its limited edition Pumpkin Spice Liquid Gold bar this year.

Photo courtesy of GFarmaLabs
Photo courtesy of GFarmaLabs

The chocolate bar contains a whopping 210 mg of THC and costs $20 (only available in Washington and California). As Mic reports, Liquid Gold bars have the highest THC concentration in a chocolate bar, with the average cannabis chocolate bar containing 180 mg of THC.

If you’re not into PSL (pumpkin spice liquidgold), the company also makes a limited-edition Apple Cider bar as well as many year-round flavors, like PB&J, Mr. Goober and Marshmallow S’mores. (Or you can whip yourself up a batch of the most awesome weed brownies ever if you just need a chocolate fix).

As the list of pumpkin spice flavored consumables continues to grow, what’s next? As John Oliver astutely pointed out two years ago, “pumpkin spice foods seem to inexplicably grow more omnipresent every year,” and he’s absolutely right. Could it be we’re hunkering down with the autumnal flavor to avoid the reality showness of current reality? Probably. Now, pass the whip. And remember to eat your pumpkin spice responsibly. Now this:

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