Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Ron Paul: Jeff Sessions Should Resign Over Marijuana Policies

It appears Ron Paul wants to join the growing party of those disgruntled and frustrated by Jeff Sessions in the political sphere. Paul called on Sessions to “step down” last month, after the attorney general announced he would rescind the Obama-era policies that protected states with legalized marijuana from federal prosecution.

Paul called Sessions’ action “unconstitutional” and that Americans should decide whether they want legalized marijuana, not the government.

“He represents something that is so un-American, as far as I’m concerned,” Paul told CNN.

“The war on drugs, to me, is a war on liberty. I think that we overly concentrate on the issue of the drug itself, and I concentrate on the issue of freedom of choice, on doing things that are of high risk,” he said. “And we permit high risk all the time. … Generally, we allow people to eat what they want, and that is very risky. But we do overly concentrate on what people put into their bodies.”

The Texas libertarian also discussed the issue of when the government tries to protect us from ourselves, which strikes against Paul’s notions of liberty. We allow people to choose what they eat, which can be very risky, Paul said.

For the record, he doesn’t believe Sessions will be successful. Not because the government will listen to the people, but because state governments want the lucrative tax revenue legal marijuana can bring.

“I predict that Sessions is not going to be victorious on this,” Paul stated. “And unfortunately, it’s for reasons that I don’t get excited about,” he added. “It’s because the states want to collect all of those taxes [on marijuana], so it becomes this tax issue.”


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