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Why Does Seth Rogen Hate Marijuana Edibles?

Two of marijuana’s biggest cheerleaders are Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen. And neither of them like marijuana edibles.

During an interview with Howard Stern, Rogen said edibles were a crapshoot. He said his buddy Snoop Dog feels the same, recalling a time when Snoop told him that he didn’t eff around with edibles because “edibles ain’t got no off button.” Rogen continued, “I’ve done a lot of drugs in my life. The most negative drug experiences I’ve ever had in my life are from weed edibles.”

Stern then clarified by asking Rogen if he meant even worse than acid or coke. Rogen answered, “Yes, anything” and that no amount of MDMA he’s done makes him feel more fucked up than having one bite too many of a weed brownie.

Rogen, who has a medical marijuana card, told Stern he recently went to see Rogue One and had, what he thought, was an appropriate amount of weed gummy on him, and thought he was going to die. And the rest of his moviegoing experience went hilariously downhill after that. Take a listen.

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