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Seven Marijuana Tips For You To Enjoy July 4th

July 4th can be a party marathon and not a sprint. Here are some tips to enjoy marijuana while having a great time.

July 4th is a huge party holiday, and a long weekend is the perfect time to kick back and relax.  Most people will grab a cold one. Having a beer while enjoying fireworks has become tradition for people while celebrating.  Other popular traditions include fireworks, bbqs, hot dogs and lots of drinks including rosé, sangria, vodka, tequila and most things over ice.  But it has also become a huge marijuana holiday.  The last few years, sales have exploded in the 23 recreational states in the days leading up the 4th.

As the population becomes cool with marijuana use, incorporating into holiday festivities just seems natural.  But there are some things to watch up for and consider to maximize everyone’s enjoyment. Here are seven marijuana tips for a great holiday.

4th Of July Weekend To Beat 420 Cannabis Sales
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Cannabis is a no go in National Parks And Federal Property

Remember that just because weed is legal in your state does not mean it is legal everywhere in your state. As previously reported, marijuana possession and usage is prohibited on federal property. This is particularly critical to remember on July 4th, as fireworks celebrations and events can happen on federal property. Federal property includes parks, park reserves and public monuments. 


Summer heat and outside activities mean drinking extra water.  While alcohol can dehydrate you, cannabis makes it seems like you are dehydrated with cotton mouth. Drinking water will help you overcome the dryness and help you last for the day.

Consider Low Dose Edibles For The Main Festivities

If you are attending a big fireworks show at night, or some other long event with lots of people, remember that July 4th is a marathon and not a sprint. Heat, marijuana and lots of walking is enough to wipe anyone out. A longer slight buzz could make the day more enjoyable and still have you going into the night.

CBD Edibles Not All They Claim To Be
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If you have a long day ahead, consider lower dose edibles, or other low-THC methods. This way you can have a relaxed day without getting burnt out. This method also ensures you aren’t stone cold sober by the time the fireworks start.

Keep You Weed Stored Securely

July 4th is known to be a rowdy, and often wet holiday, between water balloons and squirt guns or just plain old rain. Unsuspecting party guests sometimes get dunked in a pool/lake with maybe a bit of help. While this is usually all in good fun, the last thing you need is a soggy joint or your weed floating all over a pool. 

Follow the basic rules of weed storage if you plan on being out and about for the entire day. Either keep your product in its original container (if watertight), or grab an airtight container to nip any potential disasters in the bud. And if all else fails, here’s What To Do If Your Weed Gets Wet.

The Odor Doesn’t Always Attract The Right Crowd

Remember that Independence Day is a holiday that all Americans celebrate. This includes people who are opposed to marijuana usage, and also their children. While there is high support for usage, it doesn’t mean it is popular in the crowd at the moment. All you need is one of those opponents to catch wind of your joint to really spoil your high.

To be more discreet, consider an odorless vape pen, edibles or cannabis beverages instead.

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Don’t surprise anyone

Weed treats and friend gathering are becoming more popular. Label anything with weed and let everyone know.  Like we have said before, no need to get overly scientific. Just be sure to mention what is in them, how strong they are, and if you have tried them. If you are attending a more transient “pop-in, pop-out” function, it is best to keep your cannabis treats tucked away. Offer them out yourself as people arrive to avoid any unexpected trips.


Have A Blast

You are officially ready to celebrate now that you have more information about how to stay safe, high and healthy this weekend. After all, there are few holidays that allow for so many fun, free, lively activities among friends and family. So go forth and enjoy July 4th!


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