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What To Expect From A Cannabis Edible

New to marijuana edibles? Here is how to consume and what to expect.


Marijuana has become almost mainstream with around 88% of the population supporting legalization.  Homemade treats were the OG edible, but in the new legal recreational world you can get high-end chocolates, gummies, and a whole host of candies.  Those recently hitting legal age in the 23 fully recreational state can work into a store and buy an edible as easy as they can purchase beer.

Science has said marijuana is better over alcohol, has medical benefits and fights don’t break out after getting a bit high.  The new generations are paying attention as alcohol use is dropping and marijuana consuming is rising.

marijuana edibles
Photo by Flickr user David O’Hare

If you are unfamiliar or new to eating edibles, here are some tips on how to consume and what to expect. The first piece of advice is start low and go slow.

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Understand the dosage

Retail bought edibles should be labeled the the per piece dosage .  Most have about 10mg per piece. Casual users should be in the 5-10 mg for a pleasant high.Only seasoned cannabis users and medical marijuana patients are recommended to start dosing above 15mg.  It is very common for people to start with a portion of edible (2.5-5 mg) to see the reaction.  With homemade edibles, like the classic marijuana brownie, you need to find out from the baker how much they put in, to figure out the dosage.  You should proceed with caution since you don’t want to have an over reaction.

Photo by skeeze via Pixabay

How is works

When you take an edible, the cannabinoids/THC is the part which give you the buzz. This is similar the ethanol in alcohol. Unlike vaping, joints, or oils which go straight to the bloodstream, edible THC first travels to the stomach and then liver, before making it to the bloodstream and brain. THC works best with fats, think of chocolates, to help it activate in the body.

Timing is key

Average edibles effects take about 45 minutes to an hour when consumed on an empty stomach due to their digestive nature. When consumed alongside a full meal, it can take up to three hours. If you are not feeling anything about 1.5 hours in, you can take a bit more, knowing it will prolong the high once it hits.  You don’t want to keep consuming like Washington Post columnist Maureen Dowd. The high will peak in about two to four hours.  You can have more edibles to continue the buzz.  As you become better acquainted with use, you will be able to mange length and potentency of your journey.

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What to expect

As portrayed in the classic Doonesbury strip, everyone has their their own reaction, from relaxation, to sleepiness, to just a mind wondering about the beauty of the world. The type of cannabinoid your edible contains guides the different effects. Higher THC edibles typically have a more intoxicating or psychoactive effect. Edibles with greater levels of CBD cause less of the high, and instead relaxes you and helps you feel less anxious.

Remember, no one has died from an overdose of marijuana and if you have a worst case reaction, you can always just go to sleep.  Here are some way to come down from a high.


When you start out on your edible education, find a comfortable atmosphere to begin and don’t overthink it.  Relax and enjoy the journey.


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