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Snack Like A Boss: 9 Ideas For Healthy And Delicious Munchies

We know the science of why marijuana gives us the munchies: Neurons in the brain that are normally involved in suppressing appetite are tricked by THC into chilling out. Even when you’re full, the brain receptors controlling your satiated signals are interrupted, making you want to eat more.

Typically, that means reaching for the cheesy puffs and buffalo wings, and hitting up Seamless for a slice of diner cake. But what if you had a healthier option on hand for when the munchies strike? Instead of waking up the next day wondering why you’re surrounded in Twinkies wrappers, you could rise feeling fresh and nourished.

If putting sad pieces of lettuce in your face while high sounds like a terrible time, don’t worry — we agree. Here are a few ideas for crunchy, sweet, savory, salty munchies that won’t blow your diet.

Homemade Cheese Crackers

Anything from your own kitchen is bound to be healthier than the alternative from a processed box. Try baking these cheesy crackers ahead of your smoke sesh, and top with fruit, jelly, or more cheese.

Avocado Banana Chocolate Pudding

This sounds amazing: Using a food processor, mix banana, avocado, chocolate and whatever other sweeteners or spices your heart desires, and chill it for an hour. You’ll have a snack full of good fats that’ll make you feel full, while satisfying a sweet tooth. Here’s the recipe.

Mixed Nuts


They require zero prep, so they’re ideal for keeping on hand when you’re already high. Just don’t overdo them, as they can be high in salt and fats. And stay away from the trail mix, with sugar-loaded candies and dried fruit.

Fresh Fruit

Keep a sliced bowl of fresh fruit ready in the fridge, and you’ll reach for that over anything you have to wait to heat up or prepare. Mangos, especially, nail that chewy-sweetness and interact with your high to make it last longer and feel more intense.

Oranges or Tangerines


Anything you have to work for will feel more satisfying when you’re blazed. The act of peeling a tangerine is entertaining, and the end result isn’t so bad for you either.

Sunflower Seeds or Pistachios

Similarly, seeds and nuts that require some cracking open will be harder to mindlessly inhale, and will give you something to do with your hands other than rummage in the kitchen cabinets.

String Cheese

Okay, so this one’s pretty junk-foody, but if you pick an organic cheese with lower fat, you can get away with fewer calories. String cheese is super fun to eat sober or high, and paired with cheese and fruit, you’ll have yourself snack entertainment for hours.

Home-Baked Chips

Whether you’re still riding the kale chip crazy or sweet potatoes and Russets are more your scene, homemade chips are super-simple and satisfying.

Egg-Free Cookie Dough

Don’t peel and eat a sleeve of cookie dough like it’s a banana. Just don’t. Whip up an egg-free version, made with chickpeas and chocolate, and feel free to lick the bowl. This recipe from One Green Planet hits the spot.

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