Friday, July 19, 2024

Alert: Medical Marijuana Fungus Suspected in the Deaths of Two Patients

his is an alert regarding a medical marijuana fungus on the West Coast. Some dispensaries located in Northern California sold cannabis contaminated with a potentially life threatening bacteria that is said to target those patients with weakened immune systems, according to a report from the Sacramento Bee.

Researchers with the UC Davis Department of Medical Microbiology are warning patients, specifically those people with conditions that prevent their bodies from maintaining a stable defense, not to consume cannabis that has been aerosolized. Although this treated product is not necessarily harmful to the majority of healthily humans, the fungus that grows as a result of the spray is considered extremely dangerous to those with serious health issues.

“For the vast majority of cannabis users, this is not of great concern,” said Dr. George Thompson, professor at UC Davis. But those with weakened immune systems – such as from leukemia, lymphoma, AIDS or cancer treatments – could unwittingly be exposing themselves to serious lung infections when they smoke or vape medical marijuana. We strongly advise them to avoid it.”

The details of these horrific bacteria were published in a recent issue of the journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection. Researchers launched a full-scale investigation into the matter after a number of patients undergoing treatment for leukemia and lymphoma tested positive for a “rare, severe lung infection.

The perils of this infection are no joke – already two patients are believed to have died from consuming cannabis contaminated with this vicious bug. However, as Dr. Thompson points out, their deaths cannot be unequivocally connected to a smoking a diseased flower without first obtaining a sample of the product the deceased were using before the infection set in.

Still, he says, it is bizarre for some many cases of this fungal disease to show up in such a short amount of time.

For those worried about the health hazards associated with ingesting aerosolized cannabis, Dr. Thompson says it may be a safer bet to rely on THC-infused edibles products. Although researchers do not have any scientific data proving this alternative consumption method is any safer than smoking, Thompson feels confident that it “probably is” safe.

Medical experts specializing in these types of bacteria say the marijuana fungus is very similar to what is found in the fecal matter of rodents.

Any cannabis plant with a “musty smell” and “black, light blue or green dots” and should probably be discarded.


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