Friday, December 9, 2022

The ABCs Of CBD: What Parents Should Tell Their Kids

The ABC’s of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (And regular folks too), a new book by author, activist and devoted “Canna Mom” Shira Adler, is all about CBD but it just might change how you think about cannabis in general.

Written in clean, factual, and often humorous prose, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in the subject of CBD, medical marijuana, or alternative health solutions. The first thing we learn is that CBD, the “other” ingredient found in the cannabis plant or in hemp, will not get you “stoned.”

Research across the globe is beginning to show that CBD has the potential to benefit users in ways most of us might find unimaginable. Ms. Adler explains the many ways CBD has brought life-changing improvements to patients with depression/anxiety, autism, childhood epilepsy, chronic pain, early onset dementia, arthritis, and much, much more.

In this extensive, always entertaining read, The ABC’s of CBD also explores the many questions most people might have surrounding CBD: Is it legal? Is it safe for my kids? Where does CBD come from? Why do we need it? Why now? What exactly does it do?

The ABC’s of CBD also covers CBD’s history, its growing impact on alternative health care, and the possibilities it has to offer for real, quantifiable lifestyle enhancement. These and plenty of other topics reside at the heart of Ms. Adler’s impressive and accessible work.

The ABC’s of CBD provides the most-up-to-date information on CBD, how it is grown, sold, and packaged, and what to look (and look out) for when buying or contemplating using CBD. Included within the book are interviews from some of the brightest voices in the cannabis and CBD field.

Every day sees a growing number of the canna-curious, as we deal with our own health concerns and those of our children and aging parents. Disorders, addictions, and diseases like anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Colitis, Chronic Pain, Cancer—this is our new reality. And as we realize that Western medicine alone doesn’t hold the answers, science is finally recognizing and examining the ancient healing properties of CBD. The ABC’s of CBD cuts through the stigma, fear, social injustice, and misinformation that have kept this medicine out of patients’ hands for far too long.



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