Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Best Things To Do With CBD Water This Weekend

CBD is a popular treatment for anxiety and pain relief, but other than traditional cannabis applications, it wasn’t always easy to dose. Now that the technology is finally becoming more than basic, it’s easier than ever to get the treatment you need. There’s loads of products out to bring cannabidiol into the mass market, but the idea of having water soluble and completely life compatible access is much more appealing to both the casual and committed user.

CBD Living Water is actual water with added electrolytes and CBD; you can use the product in ways you can’t use other cannabis products. Here are three innovative ways to work CBD water into drinks that you have to try.

Carbonate And Mix With Cocktail

There’s absolutely no reason you can’t dunk a liter of CBD water in your Sodastream and go to town. If you’re big on alcoholic cocktails, mixers are not always healthy. Though you might want to add flavors, this bubbly base is sure to help you enjoy your cocktails that much more.

Try it: Carbonate 1 liter of CBD water. Shake together 2 oz Rum, 1 oz green tea syrup, and ½ oz lemon juice over ice. Pour into a glass and top with sparkling CBD water. Garnish with a mint leaf.

Freeze And Use As Wellness Ice

Having wine with ice is my favorite way to pretend I’m hydrating enough when it’s hot outside and the icy tart swill is going down too easily. CBD ice cubes, tasteless and balancing, are probably the smartest thing you could ever put into a chilled wine. With a boost of not only cannabidiol but magnesium, you may not have to tap out so soon.

Try it: Freeze a tray or two of ice cubes filled with CBD Living Water. Dispense four per drink, rejoice.

Recovery Beverage For Workout/Hangover

It’s been said over and over but even those without complete relief from various ailments notice improvement when incorporating cannabidiol into their regimen. This makes it’s water based iteration so suited to helping hurting bodies from less serious concerns. Chugging a bottle (or two) of this good stuff without getting intoxicated from additional THC or having to taste, smell, smoke or chew anything is a complete paradigm shift. After a long workout or a bad hangover, you’re steps closer to feeling fully charged than with plain water.

Try it: Keep a bottle in the back of the fridge where its coldest. Sweat (or party) hard, and then drink every drop.

Being able to suddenly dose anything you make with your needed meds is going to be life changing for some people. Having the tools to make a simple water based drink into something that makes your day less difficult is a medical user’s dream. Many people want to have the benefits of cannabidiol without any intoxicating effects whatsoever, and CBD Living Water finally provides that chance.

Photos: Maria Penaloza; Danielle Guercio


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