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The BEST Tips For Grilling With Cannabis

Though sometimes grill temps can be a little high for cannabis cooking, there’s a few ways to get around this if you want to be creative. Here are some tips.

Smoking weed in the sunshine is a pretty nice thing. So is doing pretty much anything with cannabis and sunshine. With a party full of partakers, you can really get creative in your recipes and experiments with access to a barbecue grill. Though sometimes grill temps can be a little high for cannabis cooking, there’s a few ways to get around this if you want to be creative.

Knowing what bare minimum we do about cannabinoids, heat control is everything. This is why sometimes we marinate, while other times we make a satchel or apply the goods as a post-cooking sauce. Here are some tips for making the most out of a special BBQ.

Toss​ ​with​ ​THC​ before​ ​cooking

Burgers will grill relatively quickly, and the searing will create a seal that will keep some THC in if you add an infused oil into the mixture. This also goes for homemade veggie burgers which you can craft the night before out of starches, beans, and cooked vegetables. Try not to put anything patty shaped on too high for too long, since you want to cook the outside but just make the inside warm-to-hot, not burning. If you like a well-done burger, skip infusing for sure, as you’ll burn off too much of the potency.

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Chopped veggies and meats or spears for kebabs are a much better choice for a THC-infused marinade. The surface area will allow the marinade to soak in, and the potential potency drop won’t be anything to cry over.

Seal​-in​ foil​ ​for​ ​safe​ ​THC​ ​keeping

Chicken is a natural candidate for foil steaming, as grilling it is great but it can turn dry very quickly. Since chicken must be completely cooked, you can preserve the juiciness by tossing with a cannabis infused sauce, searing, then cooking with the sauce in a sealed packet. Try olive oil with lemon and rosemary for a tasty time.

Potatoes are absolutely fabulous on the grill

And when they are cooked in foil they get the insides to the temperatures needed to cook all the way in one go. Toss in a cube of cannabutter with diced potatoes and some thyme for a really delicious version of campfire potatoes. You can alternatively cook in a cast iron skillet on the grill surface with foil as a lid.

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Medicate ​after​ the​ ​grill

Whole corn on the grill is one of the yummiest ways to have the stuff, and it’s also the perfect vehicle for some post-grilling sauce or butter application. Make a cotija-cilantro-coconut sauce with some infused coconut oil and slather all over that ear.

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Grilled whole vegetables are also a favorite for their minimal prep time and photogenic finished look, but unlike chopped veggies, these don’t take as well to THC marinades due to a lack of surface area. Glaze them after with some glycerin tincture mixed with balsamic vinegar, a sauce that you can make in seconds.

BBQ ribs, hot dogs, sausages

All grilled classics waiting for a healthy dressing with the condiments that mark the season. These aren’t as friendly vessels to pre-dosing but boy oh boy can you get on there with some sauces and such, so go for it!

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Just try to keep the basic idea in mind, that over 300 degrees requires care and planning when cooking with cannabis. If you want to be on the safe side, always add the strength after it comes off the hot grill.


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