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The Country’s First State-Licensed Cannabis Spa Is About To Happen

How great would it be to visit a spa where you could get cannabis-infused massages, ganja yoga and other wellness activities? It is looking like it might be a reality in Denver.

Owners of the Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge have already submitted a social consumption application that, if approved, would make them the first fully licensed, state-legal cannabis spa in the nation.

If approved, Utopia will offer patrons “cannabis infused massages, ganja yoga, and other cannabis-friendly activities to patrons 21 and older, as well as meditation coaching, educational seminars, and patient support and networking groups,” according to a press release. It will not sell, however, any cannabis or cannabis-infused products.

Owner Cindy Sovine says she also plans to offer meditation coaching, educational seminars and support and networking groups, not to mention “cannabis-friendly cooking classes, corporate retreats and other private functions,” according to a press release. There will also be designated consumption areas (for 21 and older guests) for vaporizing, but smoking will not be allowed as it’s prohibited by the Colorado Clean Indoor Act.

“Our mission,” says Sovine, “is to provide a place of retreat for cannabis consumers and access to high-quality products and services for those who wish to explore natural options for self-care.”

She says she looks forward to opening the doors of Utopia, not just to cannabis consumers, but to all adults interested in natural self-care and making healthy changes to their lifestyle.


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