Friday, December 1, 2023

CBD-Hemp Cigarettes That Help Smokers Learn Healthier Habits

The cigarettes contain 100mg of CBD and don’t contain any additives, pesticides or chemicals, and each cigarette is checked manually for quality purposes.

Hoping to earn a cut of the tobacco businesses, cannabis brand Toast is designing cannabis derived cigarettes. Although smoking any kind of material is not recommended by doctors, these CBD and hemp-based cigarettes could be a healthier option over vaping, smoking nicotine, and other tobacco products.

Each discreet looking cigarette is pre-rolled manually and is meant to be smoked as a regular cigarette. In no way do they resemble a blunt or joint of any kind.

“It’s not going to be addictive. A lot of the problems we have with tobacco is if you smoke enough of it and you’re pre-disposed, you’re not going to stop,” medical expert and The Fresh Toast contributor Dr. Jordan Tishler told Fox News. “That’s unlikely to happen with hemp since there’s nothing in hemp that we’re aware of that makes people dependent.”

Tishler added, “If you asked me would I rather have my teen smoke hemp, smoke tobacco or vape a Juul, I’d rather have her do none of the above, but the hemp cigarette seems like the least dangerous of the three because it has no nicotine.”

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According to Toast, the cigarettes contain 100mg of CBD and are rolled in organic hemp paper. They don’t contain any additives, pesticides or chemicals, and each cigarette is checked manually for quality purposes.

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While there’s no evidence that smoking cannabis reduces tobacco intake (in fact, some studies suggest the opposite), these CBD cigarettes could help smokers smoke something that’s less harmful to their bodies. Some studies have found that CBD helped manage anxiety and cravings, especially those intense ones that heavy smokers feel whenever they do something that triggers their habit.


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