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Want To Work In The Cannabis Industry? This California City Is Hiring

Greenfield counts itself among the most forward-thinking cannabis-friendly cities in the state and now it’s inviting cannabis industry workers to the city. Greenfield announced this week that it’s recruiting for hundreds of new jobs in the booming medical marijuana business.

Greenfield is partnering with its local medical marijuana industry to create an employment bank that will be hosted on the city’s website. The bank will serve as a means for “residents of Greenfield interested in employment opportunities in this emerging industry [to] ‘bank’ their employment materials in multiple formats and wait for a return on their investment.” The bank will then be shared with industry partners who will then be paired with viable Greenfield candidates.

“We’re going to capture positions for the citizens of Greenfield, which is what the council intended when they jumped on this opportunity a couple years back. It’s time to bring this to fruition,” city manager Jaime Fontes told ABC 13.

“It also creates ripple opportunities for contractors, subcontractors, material men, restaurants, hotels, all the other industries that will make money from the ripple effect of this industry.”

The city will not directly hire employees or contractors, but instead serve as a conduit between interested workers and the cannabis industry. Greenfield posted a list of positions they’re already looking for, including budtenders, soil techs, accountants, events planners and more.

“I’m told in the 70s we were only a few thousand people, now we’re almost 19,000 people. When you’re growing that fast in the Hispanic population, there’s a lot of lower income folks, you want to create economic opportunities at every level,” Fontes said.

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