Saturday, September 19, 2020
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This Cannabis Chewing Gum Can Battle Opioid Addiction

America is battling an opioid addiction like no other place in the world. In 2015, statistics showed that opioids caused around 90 deaths a day, and that they were the leading cause of death for americans under the age of 50. AXIM Biotechnologies, a company that’s specializes on cannabinoid research, believes that cannabis chewing gum could be the answer for many victims of opioid addiction and a way to stop the growing epidemic. 

This chewing gum will provide users with cannabinoids and opioid agonists that’ll help them cope with the symptoms of their addiction and the undesired side effects of withdrawal. These cannabinoids will be useful for other diseases, like chronic pain, an illness that makes a lot their patients turn to opioids when no other source of relief is available to them. The opioid agonists that are present in the gum are also present morphine, opium, methadone and many others opioids, and are used (to a lesser extent) to help the patient cope with their symptoms of withdrawal and to ease their bodies out of the addiction with as much care as possible.

Chewing gum is also a safe and painless way of administering treatment to patients, avoiding injections, smoking or other harmful and more invasive methods of consumption. With nicotine gums it’s been proven that chewing distracts patients, maintains their oral health and releases reward hormones like dopamine and serotonin, which will make them feel better and keep their spirits up. 


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