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This Is Why Peppermint CBD Tinctures Are So Popular

CBD is staying parked in the top trend spot this year, and even the negative news is only helping awareness and normalization. Despite strange crackdowns from Los Angeles and New York City that seem to be only temporary, the Farm Bill has loosened up the reins, and companies are spreading their CBD ideas far and wide. 

Tinctures are among the most popular delivery systems for cannabidiol as things stand right now. They come in oil bases, glycerin bases, and sometimes alcohol. But flavor is mostly an afterthought, as there’s usually only a few flavor choices. Many brands offer peppermint CBD tincture, but is it more than just an approachable flavor? 

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The brands that use this flavor may be giving you more than just a minty finish, as many people use peppermint for its own wellness benefits. Here’s some Peppermint CBD tinctures to try, and a bit more on why this is a good place to get your cannabidiol.

Teeth + Gums 

Oral health is a huge source of mintiness, and we see every iteration of mint toothpaste, floss, and rinses on the market. Some CBD tinctures are great to add to an oil pulling routine, infusing the oil you swish with peppermint for freshness and cannabidiol to dampen gum inflammation. It’s like oily mouthwash but really helps with sensitivity and whitening teeth.

Mint flavor has always been used for cleansing the mouth, it has a palate refreshing effect that made its way into oral care products. This flavor comes from terpenes, just like cannabis, and has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, also quite useful for teeth.

Drop a few drops of peppermint CBD tincture under your tongue after the morning brush to boost absorption and share the CBD love with your teeth, too. I love Veritas Farms 250 mg Peppermint CBD tincture for oral dosing, it soaks in and the oily feeling isn’t too overwhelming.


Motion sickness and stomach issues all benefit from some mint when things are unpleasant. Great for travel and stressful situations, a Peppermint infused CBD tincture could be the ticket when you don’t feel so good. Tonic’s Chill formulation with 800mg gives you a bigger dose per drop, and other wellness boosting herbs are in the mix.

Photos by Danielle Guercio

The method with which you use peppermint CBD tinctures can make a difference. If you’re a heartburn sufferer, capsules can help deliver it into the stomach vs if you take orally or sublingually. Swallowing mint can exacerbate GERD and acid reflux, but mint inside the colon can help with IBS, so it’s also a good idea to speak with your doctor about the best approach.

Pain and headaches

Mint is always welcome when your head is in a vice. Everything from sniffing it to topically applying it can make you much more comfortable. Smearing some on the back of your neck, as well as carefully on the temples and forehead (avoid eyes!) can help reduce tension and other headache symptoms.

Dropping some internally or sublingually can also be a good idea when you have a headache, inflammation is like a fire that needs to be put out when it’s acute, rather than something that needs slow and steady dosing.

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For this, I grab Highline Wellness CBD Tincture, the mint is a bit more pronounced, which I find personally helps with tension faster.

When sickness or a bad health day come calling, CBD can be the choice between functioning and misery for some people. Adding peppermint aids various symptoms that CBD tackles, so it’s really a synergistic match for many of us.

Photos: Danielle Guercio


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