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Here’s Why You Rarely See Kate Middleton Take Off Her Coat

Kate Middleton is one of our international style icons. She has been photographed wearing stunning gowns, casual sportswear and even elegant maternity outfits during all three of her pregnancies. She’s also equally known for her stylish coats, mainly because she’s always bundled up in them. What’s the deal?

The short answer: because she has to be.

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Royal watchers really seemed to take notice of this seemingly odd fashion behavior in February of last year, during Middleton’s royal tour of Scandinavia. There was a photo that circulated of her, Prince William, and the Norwegian royals sitting around a table, indoors, with the Duchess fully bundled up. And even if she was sweating bullets beneath those Dolce & Gabbana threads, royal protocol dictates that female member of the royal family not remove their coats  in public. Fun!

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The act of a Duchess removing her coat is considered trashy and unladylike, which is also why prominent female royals may not wear nail polish, be seen in public with messy hair, or forgo nylons with a dress or skirt. Meghan Markle is also held to these same high standards, but it seems like she is photographed far less being bundled up. Perhaps it’s because she prefers to let her coat flow open rather than buttoned up?


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