Monday, April 15, 2024

This New Type Of Marijuana Has 38.7% THC

Aurora Cannabis, based in Canada, recently released its latest offering, and it’s a doozy. Using cannabis trichomes to essentially make dried kief, their new product “Frost” is clocking in at 38.7 percent THC. Even hitting 30 percent THC in a dried flower product is difficult to do. There are plenty of breeders competing to grow the most potent buds who are likely drooling at the prospect right now.

This is great news for Canada’s medical marijuana patients, many of whom do not use concentrates. Having a cannabis flower product available to them for sprinkling on a bowl of dank or vaping on its own or with ground up nugs, so high on the THC spectrum, will provide much needed relief.

The process itself is completely GMP compliant and every vial of the king kief comes with thorough lab results. Aurora begins with top notch cannabis and then reaps the precious trichomes using a fine trimming method.

Trichomes are the sugar on top when it comes to cannabis. They are resinous glands that carry many of the plants most beneficial compounds, including terpenes and cannabinoids, not the least of which is a high concentration of THC. Most cannabis flower imbibers have a grinder at home, and that grinder likely has a kief bin at the bottom to catch the bounty from dried cannabis being ground up.

Aurora Cannabis’ process is a bit different and on an industrial scale. They’ve developed a kind of kief catcher that isn’t just giant, but is compliant with all of Canada’s strict rules regarding medical cannabis.

Frost is an Indica, so if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some, use with caution. Indicas are the sleepier, hungrier, more mellow of the cannabis strains and they can pack a serious punch to the noggin if overindulged in. Start by putting just a little bit on top of a bowl or in your vape and let the sensations of medicinal cannabis take over.

THC is extremely medicinal, but the one cannabinoid that is almost missing, clocking in at 0.08 percent, is CBD. Though many people swear by the power of CBD and it’s proven to be a miracle in the treatment of certain ailments like seizure disorder, it is also found that CBD competes with THC at the receptor level, so if you’re really looking to get lifted while feeling better from whatever’s ailing you, Frost is probably your best bet on the market today.


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