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This Product Just Won Top Cannabis Innovation of 2017

The world’s only cannabis live resin, terpene-infused Aerosol Inhaler, the AeroInhaler, was recognized as 2017′s “Invention of the Year” at Colorado’s annual Cannabis Business Awards. Released in September by Colorado’s Revered Inc., the AeroInhaler‘s sublingual delivery system has quickly revolutionized Colorado’s cannabis industry.

The AeroInhaler uses THC distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes to develop flavors like Grape Ape, Super Silver Flo, Sour Diesel, Kirkwood OG, Tangerine Haze and more. Designed to provide metered doses to consumers, the AeroInhaler can be found on sale in partner recreational Colorado dispensaries.

“The AeroInhaler is the future of cannabis,” said Revered Inc. CEO Edward Naylon. “The device’s discrete, measured dose is a revolutionary way to consume marijuana extract. We can’t wait to share with the world what’s in store for 2018 as we plan to expand to other markets.”

Containing a total of 1,000mg of total ingredients (THC & Terpenes) per canister, a consumer receives anywhere between 6 and 7.5mg of cannabis distillate per puff depending upon the potency of the distillate production batch. With a pharmaceutical grade valve that ensures 10mg of total ingredients are dispensed on every puff, consumers gain a dependable and reliable experience every time.

The AeroInhaler delivers the same exact dose with each puff, so you are totally in control of your high. Take the guesswork out of enjoying cannabis. Distillate delivers pure THC without the buzzy head high of a sativa or the lagging low of an indica. The AeroInhaler provides you with a predictable, measured, and metered dose every time you puff.

By inhaling pure THC distillate with added live resin terpenes you eliminate unpredictability without sacrificing taste. Enjoy a remarkably reliable high with every bit as much flavor as a live resin. The AeroInhaler has absolutely no odor profile whatsoever when used, so enjoying cannabis has never been so discreet.


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