Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Why This CBD Water Will Be Marijuana’s Most Exciting New Trend

Thanks to developing research and market innovations, the cannabis industry’s newest invention could be its most essential: CBD water. By combining the most foundational nutrient for the human body with the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD-infused water might become a trend within the marketplace.

CBD water allows a safe, approachable way to deliver proper dosages of the cannabinoids to patients with ailments like chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety disorder, and more. Paired with the evergreen wellness movement to drink more water, it removes any stigma from patients using cannabinoid to treats those aforementioned issues. In addition, it’s a healthy tool for athletes—from runners to football players—to hydrate and ease the stress they place on their bodies.

But the process is a lot more complicated than you presume. That’s because CBD doesn’t naturally combine with water molecules so scientists had to devise a new methodology to pair the two. Utilizing CBD crystals that are tasteless, the “nano technology” is able to “go right past your blood brain barrier” and “immediately penetrate into your cells,” as companies like CBD Living Water claims.

These nanoparticles allow CBD particles to reach their maximum potential, according to CBD Naturals, another company who manufactures CBD Water.

“Due to their incredibly small size, nanoparticles ingested in food are fundamentally different and can move throughout the body and through cell structures in advanced ways,” CBD Naturals writes. “Experts on nanotechnology are virtually unanimous that nanoscale materials have the potential for health effects that are uniquely different from the same substances comprised of larger-sized molecules.”

Meanwhile, other brands attempt to provide the most bioavailable water form possible. Canna Nanno Water, for example, aims to emulate the natural hydrologic cycle using water from local sources. As they claim, by mimicking the cycle, their water benefit from nature’s way of “filtering out impurities and replenishing the water supply.”

This technology remains new, but CBD water demonstrates how the booming CBD marketplace has become a hotbed for innovation when it comes to cannabis products. As more research becomes available, and CBD’s benefits reaches wider audiences, keep your eye on CBD water. By providing numerous essential nutrients through hydration and cannabinoids, it could evolve into a new cannabis trend.


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