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Are Tin Cans The Next Wave In Marijuana Packaging?

In Cotati, CA, an innovative dispensary has introduced new marijuana packaging that improves freshness and sustainability. The dispensary is now peddling its wares in tin cans with peel back lids, which means the cannabis maintains its mojo for months longer than the traditional plastic bags.

Mercy Wellness Marijuana Dispensary is located in the West Bay of California. Its Director, Brandon Levine, said that the dispensary has its own packaging facility called Calyx Green and that it’s changing the whole game for them.

Not only does the packaging keep the pungent smell of a favorite strain at bay until one gets to their destination, it also means that there are at least quadruple the amount of strains to choose from. When the pot stays fresh longer, the dispensary can carry more stock and a wider variety of strains.

The tin cans come in a standard one eighth size and the dispensary workers often go over the tin cans to make sure each one has the right sized buds and looks proper. After the selective checking, each weighed can has the oxygen sucked out of it with liquid nitrogen, is sealed, labeled and shipped straight to the dispensary.

Heritage packaging, such as the plastic bags, usually keep cannabis fresh for around two months. Then the baggies are left to die a landfill death. Compare that to two years of shelf life with the tin and the fact that it’s a recyclable container and it’s Mercy Wellness for the win!

And those extra strains can be as obscure as customer demand requires now. Mercy Wellness can choose favorites that aren’t as well known as Grape Ape or Sour Diesel, but are beloved nonetheless, and they do not worry about them losing their form or potency. With all these good points, what’s stopping other dispensaries from following suit so far?

It could be the price tag. While bags go for around 11 cents per pop, each can costs about a dollar. Levine says it’s worth every penny though and predicts that it will indeed become a norm for dispensaries. It’s just too good an idea to be kept sealed up.


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