Friday, February 3, 2023

These THC Infused Rolling Papers Will Get You Higher

TWAX rolling papers stand out from the rest, getting you high without even needing to add weed to your joints. Developed by The Clear, a cannabis concentrates company, these rolling papers have THC in them from the get go, containing 100 mg of 97 percent of THC oil, which equals to a whole lot of weed. This oil and paper combo is meant to burn out slowly, producing a longer lasting high and joints that can be shared with more people. You also don’t have to worry about any artificial extra smell or taste, because TWAX papers are meant to taste and feel like regular rolling papers, only getting you higher in the process.

While TWAX papers sound a little too good to be true, they do have a drawback, which is the fact that two packs of them are worth around 20 dollars. The rolling papers are a good option for special occasions and super joints that you want to share with your friends. TWAX papers probably won’t substitute RAW papers or whatever other brand of rolling papers you use. 

TWAX papers are currently available in medical dispensaries in Arizona, and will be available in other states with legalized marijuana in the coming months. These THC infused rolling papers are a nice addition to the cannabis community, providing a legit and safe product that was sorely lacking. We can’t wait to try some.



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