Monday, July 22, 2024

The 5 Cutting-Edge Gyms That Will Blow Your Mind

Tired of traditional gyms? Industry innovators around the world are adapting the gym we have come to know to reflect our modern tastes. Gone are the days when harsh lighting and a sweaty stench were part of the acceptable norm. This is 2017, and expectations for design and services are higher than ever. From the rocky terrain in Iran to the urban creativity in Tokyo, these are the world’s most cutting-edge gyms that will change the experience forever.

Illoiha Omotesando Fitness Gym


Take what you thought you knew about rock climbing and turn it upside down with the daring designs at ILLOIHA. The two-story studio in Tokyo’s fashion district uses interior design elements like picture frames, mirrors, deer heads, bird cages and flower vases to create a challenging and unusual climb. Mount your way through the Alice In Wonderland-esque setting for a workout that you won’t forget.

Upper Limits

Bloomington, Illinois.

As one of the largest climbing facilities in the world with over 20,000-square-feet of climbing space, there is no shortage of ways to workout at Upper Limits, Bloomington. From a 65-foot silo to a 110-foot outdoor wall, this innovative setup has something for every kind of climber.

Nike World Headquarters

Beaverton, Oregon.

Innovation doesn’t stop at aesthetics, and while Nike World Headquarters is surely a sight for sore eyes, the real experience is in the details. The nature-lined track that surrounds the massive complex is a serene escape made out of 50,000 pairs of recycled Nike sneakers. Not bad, Nike. Not bad.

Rock Climbing Gym

Polur, Iran.

A design by New Wave Architecture is breaking the traditional confinements of indoor rock climbing with an intriguing project in Polur, Iran. The glacier-like structure leaves no surface unused, allowing climbers to scale every crevice of the building. The exterior is comprised of geometric panels fitted with hand-holds for climbing. A 360-degree manmade climbing experience amidst the rocky lands of Mazandaran.

Sky Wellness Fitness Center

Belgrade, Serbia.

Breaking a sweat may not seem so bad when it’s up in the sky. This structurally stunning appears to float in the Serbian skies while people enjoy world-class machines and facilities inside. The programming at Sky Wellness is as prominent as the building itself.


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