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What To Consider Before Giving Marijuana As a Gift

It is the time to play Santa to friends and family – but before you put a little special extra special under tree – you might want to consider these things

It is the most wonderful time of the year, unless you are stuck for what to give as a gift.  As marijuana legalization has spread with over 50% of the population having access to legal products, some are considering cannabis treats. It is natural as people can purchase and give weed, it would appear on the gift giving circuit. During the holidays 60.6% of people who purchased alcohol gave as a gift.

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The mainstreaming of marijuana means it is joining in festival occasions. But what to consider before giving marijuana as a gift. You need to know the recipient and make sure they are going to enjoy the present or will it go the land of regifting or, worse, into the trash can.

cannabis gifts
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Know if they indulge in anything. Do they drink, have the indicated they are open or are they already consumers? These are critical as you plan on a purchase.  If they drink and have shared they are open, maybe a couple of one time vapes or an edible would be perfect. Just like you wouldn’t give a casual friend Everclear, you wouldn’t want to give a strong joint or flower.

Read the room, especially if there are kids around.  If it is an intimate group, it might be better since you can explain and evaluate how the gift goes down.  Also, think about how you package it so it doesn’t have any sign or smell of what is in the box/bag/stocking.

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Consider if they have any health issues medical marijuana can help.  Inflammation, back pain, trouble sleeping or light anxiety can all be helped the perfect present of an edible, oil, or ointment.

If they are not already consumers or very light consumers, consider gummies.  According to BDSA, gummies are the most popular product with almost 50% of people preferring this on-the-go treat.  Easy, flavorful and a great entry point, this could be a winner.

At most, make sure you give it in the right spirit to make it a merry season.


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