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Why Cannabis Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Making That Money

Projections have been made regarding the coming years of cannabis and the numbers look out of the atmosphere good. The Marijuana Business Factbook predicts $22 billion in sales by 2022, and that’s only a few years away.

States are being plucked out of prohibition like out of a Jenga stack and while the blocks put up by nefarious anti-hemp and cannabis agendas are being pulled out one by one, the game is getting more exciting and there’s always the chance that the whole tower will tumble and that pot gets legalized across the board.

A study by New Frontier Data shows that if the nation were to legalize broadly that an estimated $132 billion dollars in Federal revenue would be generated in the same decade, not to mention the approximate 1.1 million jobs that would be created. Those numbers represent more than a game, they represent the livelihoods of millions of Americans, from patients to entrepreneurs.

It’s a quickly blooming industry that started with a lot of heart and gumption and still thrives on the activists that keep it going, but it’s also quickly garnering venture capitalists, businesspersons, wranglers and regulators who have lived lives of risks and streamlines. Factors like who’s pulling the levers could mean even more, or less, money pouring in.

For many who’ve put their hearts and lives into legalizing cannabis, seeing it become a simple cash cow to some is not only disheartening, but frightening. The patient first policies that the movement self enforced are sometimes going by the wayside, though those who are watching and keeping checks and balances do everything they can to prevent the soul of the cannabis movement from withering away.

There’s much to be gained and lost, and even though culturally change can be painful, economically and employment rates wise, change can be just what the doctor ordered. Whether hypothetical doctor is privatized or socialized or somewhere in-between is yet to be seen.

Not the entrepreneurial type, but still want to try and cash in? There are some public penny stocks to watch, just do some deep research before buying them up, plus, there are a couple bigger public stocks to be bought into right now. There’s a static in the vapor filled air that’s crackling with new money and it doesn’t show signs of slowing anytime soon.

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