Saturday, April 13, 2024

Yay Fall: You Can Now Enjoy Pumpkin Spice With Your Cannabis

Depending on which camp you fall into, you either love pumpkin spice season or you hate it. The lattes, the donuts, the muffins, even simple flavored coffees all offer the distinct flavor around this time of year. For this reporter, the rich spices and creamy pumpkin flavor are yearly favorites and I celebrate the season with gusto.

Now, if you’re in California, there are medicated pumpkin spice blondies! That’s right, spicy space cakes that melt in your mouth and carry with them 10mg of THC. We have Oakland California’s GOOD CO-OP to thank for this innovative baked goodie. If you want to get your hands on some, they will be sold exclusively in all cities where Eaze is available.

Peter Cervantes is this very particular blondie’s inventor as well as being the CO-OP’s head of Research and Development. These cookies are lovingly made with “real pumpkin, a special blend of spices, and organic Humboldt cannabis butter.” Yum.

“I wanted to incorporate the warmth and nostalgia of Autumn into a delicious low dose edible,” Cervantes said. “As a baked good, we felt we could one-up the iconic seasonal latte by incorporating organic pumpkin and our own proprietary spice blend, which complement the herbal notes of the cannabis.”

It sounds like he knows what he’s talking about and, even if across the country, it’s possible to conjure up just what that taste is when the herbal cannabis notes play with the spice blend. The cookie recipe sounds like it went through some serious development stages, but if you don’t live in California and LOVE the pumpkin spice craze, remember you can always experiment at home with the right herbs and some organic pumpkin. We can’t guarantee the novice’s results, but some things sound too good not to try.

Starting today and going through until the end of November, you can get these pumpkin spice cookie delights exclusively in California through GOOD CO-OP. They’re going for three cookies at $15 and are a phone call away. These pumpkin spice blondies can be delivered to your door in under 20 minutes. Enjoy, Oakland!


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