The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup: Nov. 6

Paul LePage vetoed legislation voters passed a year ago. Read all about tthis and more in The Fresh Toast’s Marijuana Legislative Roundup for Nov. 6.

Maine Governor Paul LePage Just Vetoed Legal Marijuana

Nearly a year after the people of Maine voted legalize the adult use of cannabis, LePage vetoed the bill, citing advice given to him by Jeff Sessions.

Bill Nye Supports Marijuana Legalization, But Wants Us To Learn More

Count Bill Nye among the increasing number from the scientific community who support legalizing marijuana and want to study its medical benefits.

Seniors Buy Fewer Prescription Drugs In States With Legalized Marijuana

A federal agency is reporting that legalized marijuana may be one way to control costs as more seniors are looking to the plant than opioids.

FDA Goes After Companies For Making False Marijuana Claims

The Food and Drug Administration sent a stern message to companies making false marijuana claims: You're breaking the law and putting patients at risk.

Virginia Is Wasting How Much Money To Jail Marijuana Users?

A Republican state senator from Virginia is fighting to decriminalize marijuana after release of report from the state's crime commission.

So, We Found Out That Joe Rogan Is Smoking Marijuana Again

It was always meant to end. When Joe Rogan and three of his comedy buddies decided to go sober for the entire month of October, that is.

For Our Veterans: How Cannabinoids Soothe PTSD Symptoms

Researches of this study concluded that the brain’s response to trauma essentially changes when administered cannabinoids.

Cypress Hill Wants Credit For Normalizing Marijuana To Mainstream

Cypress Hill’s B Real has also ventured into the cannabis industry himself, opening his medical marijuana dispensary Dr. Greenthumb.

Can Marijuana Help With The Symptoms Of Lyme Disease?

The CDC estimates that every year some 300,000 may be exposed to Lyme disease, the handiwork of the Borrelia burgdoferi spirochete.