Marijuana May Heal Migraines Better Than Prescription Drugs

If the pretzel logic of the federal government’s illogical stance on medical marijuana is giving...

Here’s What You Need To Know About Legal Marijuana In California

The new year brings with it a new era for marijuana in California. January 1, 2018, marks the beginning of a new approach for Californians when adults can legally buy marijuana at a licensed retailer.

The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup: Jan. 2

Los Angeles finally announced it would accept business applications as legalization becomes legal in the state! Read all about these developments and more in The Fresh Toast’s Marijuana Legislative Roundup for Jan. 2.

Mike Tyson Buys 40-Acre Cannabis Farm In California

Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion and one-time most-feared-man on the planet, has traded in his boxing gloves for gardening gloves.

San Fran Launches Marijuana Education Campaign Aimed At Kids

As California gets used to legalized cannabis, the city of San Francisco announced an education campaign to teach teenagers the "facts and risks to support healthy decisions in this new era."

How Marijuana Can Help Tinnitus And Neuronal Hyperactivity

Because cannabis can quell seizures and both CB1 and CB2 receptors, it seems quite reasonable that cannabis might have some effect on tinnitus.

Happy New Year California, Now Go Buy Some Cannabis!

On January 1, legal sales of recreational cannabis began in California. Thousands of people waited in line, many of them overnight, to be of the first to purchase legal weed through a dispensary.

Will Labor Unions Be Part Of California’s Cannabis Industry?

It's a sure sign that the California's cannabis industry will be big: Labor unions are poised to represent the employees.

Where Is The Best Place To Live For Medical Marijuana Patients?

The report, "Medical Marijuana Access in the United States," was released by Americans For Safe Access, a 15-year-old organization whose mission is to "ensure safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research."

California’s 5 Worst Counties for Recreational Marijuana

Here is a list of the five worst California counties for commercial cannabis activity — not shockingly, most on this list are in Southern California.