Thursday, July 18, 2024

Real Marijuana And Virtual Reality – Do They Mix?

Virtual Reality is more accessible to people – does marijuana make it even better?


They are two giants of a new era – marijuana and virtual reality(VR). Marijuana, after decades of being banned is coming out the closet with 88% of people believing some form should be legalized.  Virtual reality is putting us in a custom universe allowing us to see and do things we have only dreamed about.  But can they walk you down a road together?

VR is a worldwide market worth $31 billion and with an estimated 171 million worldwide users.  The 25-34 year old is the largest market representing 23%.  Marijuana is an almost $30 billion global market with about 147 million users.

While VR places you in a crafted world, marijuana enhances the world you are in, whether it is real or virtual. Marijuana has THC, the component that give you s “high”. For many people, the THC experience is a pleasant euphoria and sense of relaxation. Other common effects, which may vary among consumers, include heightened sensory perception (e.g., brighter colors), laughter, and altered perception of time.

The cannabis effect dovetails nicely into the VR experience, making a potential great match.

Rhode Island Cannabis Workers Go Union
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On Reddit and other forums, people share the heightened immersion of a combined experience. From comments, it seems it takes gaming and movies to another level and  makes you feel more alive and tickles your senses.

Today in VR you can attend concerts, ride roller coasterss, game, explore real and fantasy locations, deep sea dive and more. You can also attend meetings, lectures and more – but that is a different experience.

Ray in Seattle says “VR with Marijuana intensifies all your senses and makes it a whole body and mind experience – seeing a concert is the most amazing experience”.

On the flip side, VR writer Reter Rubin did an article for Wired where he is not a fan of the mix. He feels for his personal journey, he prefers the experience be split.

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Another perk of a mild high while using is it could eliminate any motion sickness, which can be very distracting.  Both VR and marijuana are on track to have more people engage over the next few years and improvements will only continue.  We will check in and let you know how it is goes.


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