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TFT Interview: Talib Kweli Talks ‘Weed Scientists,’ Hip Hop, And Black...

When A Tribe Called Quest released 'We Got It from Here…Thank You 4 Your Service,' there was little doubt we needed to speak to Talib Kweli.

Cali Wine Industry Worried It May Lose Workers To Marijuana

In the cannabis industry, trimmers are paid nearly triple what a picker can get working in the hot fields. As a cash crop, cannabis is king in California, therefore it typically can pay its workers a higher hourly wage (or by-the-pound wage).

How Canadian Cities Are Preparing for Full Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Canadian officials are expected to introduce legislation in the coming months aimed at legalizing marijuana nationwide.

Summer Fun! Marijuana-Friendly RV Park Planned In Oregon

It's the perfect marriage for the outdoorsy cannabis consumer: An RV park that will cater to campers who enjoy a toke or two around the campfire.

Coconut-Orange Cannabis Vegan ‘Egg’ Cream Will Satisfy All Cravings

In some alternate reality, our grandparents could have parked at one of those 1950s pharmacy/soda shoppes and ordered this very drink, with cannabis and all.

Which East Coast States Want Legal Marijuana In 2017?

Here is a synopsis of what is currently happening in grand scheme of Legal Marijuana in the United States, according to the International Business Times.

Looking Back: President Obama’s Impact On The War On Drugs

Barack Obama’s historic presidency has come to an end. It is hard to believe that he will no longer be our President. I have...

Gute Nachrichten! Germany Legalizes Medical Marijuana

In a landmark bill, the German parliament last week voted unanimously to legalize medical marijuana."Those who are severely ill need to get the best...

Nevada Black Market Marijuana May Thrive With Governor’s Tax Plan

In November, Nevada voted for legal adult use of cannabis. A little over two months later, state officials are still debating the law.

Legislators In Three States Have Delayed Enactment Of Marijuana Laws

Legislators in a number of states are pushing forward measures to delay the enactment of several voter-initiated marijuana laws.