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Did You Know That NBA Legend Phil Jackson Used Marijuana For...

New York Knicks President Phil Jackson made two admissions regarding marijuana Tuesday night: One about his personal use 47 years ago and the other, more importantly, about the league's current culture.

Legal Marijuana Sales Are Taking A Bite Out Of Beer Sales

States where both recreational weed is legal and the craft beer movement prevalent has seen beer sales “collectively underperformed” over the last two years.

Which Company Just Donated $1 Million To Fight Marijuana Prohibition?

“The fight is not over, and it is important for us to remember how we got here. This would not have happened without the tireless work of ant-prohibition advocates, fighting to reform our broken drug laws.”

It’s Repeal Day! Lessons That Will Help Us Fight Marijuana Prohibition

83 years ago, the 21st Amendment was ratified, ending Prohibition, a costly, disastrous, 13-year experiment. What does marijuana have in common with booze?

NBA Coach Says He Tried Medical Marijuana For Back Pain

Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr made headlines over the weekend for speaking out in favor of medical marijuana.

Oregon’s Marijuana Industry Staggering Under Regulatory Roadblock

October was a defining, if not catastrophic, month for the Oregon marijuana industry, which, until then, was growing at a very fast rate.

Looks Like Ireland Is About To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Ireland legislators passed a bill to make legalize medical marijuana after the government agreed that it would not stand in the way.

Alaska Estimates $12 Million In Marijuana Tax Revenue By 2018

The Alaska state treasury has received its first-ever revenue from legal marijuana taxes. And while the one-month total appears small, big things are expected.Four cannabis...

High Gorgeous: Cali’s First Mainstream Cannabis Beauty Line

Cannabis is the star of each one of these new lotions, body butters, bubble baths, and lip balms that will have everyone saying, High Gorgeous!

Medical Marijuana Now Available To NYers Suffering From Chronic Pain

New Yorkers suffering from chronic pain will soon be able to seek relief with marijuana, the State Health Department announced Thursday."After conducting a thorough...