Sunday, May 29, 2022


Weed Pop-Ups Are Having A Moment Right Now

Marijuana pop-ups are appearing in a variety of states, whether there's legal marijuana or not. Here's why.

Why Is The World’s Largest Cannabis Market Shooting Itself In The Foot?

High taxes and onerous regulations are keeping unlicensed cultivators out of the legal market and contributingĀ to illicitĀ sales.

New York’s Illicit Cannabis Market Is Booming, But Do You Know Why?

Non-licensed cannabis operators are taking New York by storm.

Americans Bought More Weed Than Starbucks Coffee In 2021

The cannabis industry saw anĀ increase in sales of 30% in 2021.Ā Starbucksā€™ annual revenue in North America grew by 25%.

Why Are So Many Cannabis Businesses Losing Money Hand Over Fist?

Why are 60% of cannabis businesses in America losing money or just breaking even?

March Madness: This State Led The Way In Its First Month Of Legal Sales

After one month, the stateā€™sĀ cannabis sales reached $22.1 million in April.

How Much Did New Jerseyans Spend On First Day Of Cannabis Sales?

Some worried about theĀ availabilityĀ of cannabis forĀ both the recreational and medical markets, but there was plenty to go around.

NY Considers Letting Restaurants Infuse Their Food With Weed

The Empire State may soon allow eateries to spike their food with cannabis. Here's why many of them will likely bow out.

Michigan’s Cannabis Dispensaries Set New Sales Record On 4/20

The influx of sales Wednesday translates to more thanĀ $2.55 million in excise taxes and state sales in a single day.

Senate Under Pressure From All Sides To Pass Cannabis SAFE Banking Act ā€” Will It Happen?

Some industry experts believeĀ the billĀ has a better chance of passing the SenateĀ than theĀ MORE Act.

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