Marijuana 101: Inside Cannabis Patents

In cannabis intellectual property (IP) law, as in most areas of cannabis law, separating the flowers from the weeds is difficult.

Marijuana Is So Mainstream There Are Now Clearance Sales

The Golden State is blowing out inventory over the weekend in order to prepare for a brand, spanking new set of rules and regulations set to take effect July 1.

CBD Is The New Darling Of The Wellness Market

Just like the açai craze, CBD is now being added to anything and everything by companies that are desperately trying to cash in.

Now You Can Make Dispensary-Grade Cannabis Products At Home

Attorney Shanel Lindsay is the effervescent owner of Ardent LLC and the inventor of Ardent’s Nova Decarboxylater.

Cannabis Shops Will Not Open On July 1 In Massachusetts

This puts a damper not only on potential imbibers, but also those who have been waiting to open up for business.

A Market Is Selling CBD Water And Health Experts Are Rolling Their Eyes

British supermarket Holland & Barrett is now selling bottled water infused with two milligrams of CBD.

Federal Marijuana Banking Measure Blocked By Senate Committee

Marijuana businesses waiting to deposit their cash in the bank will have to continue waiting,...

New Drug Testing Strips Can Immediately Detect Marijuana

It has become easier over the past few years to be more clandestine about marijuana consumption.

Cannabis-Friendly Milk Makeup Brings The Glow This Summer

In the ultimate of Instagram teasers, the company Milk Makeup recently released a video with trendy-looking boxes being opened and smoke billowing out of them.

Breaking Cannabis Banking: Tips On Getting An Account

In my previous post, I wrote about avoiding the scammers that abound when it comes...