Montel Williams Smokes Marijuana Every Day And It Saved Him From Opioid Addiction

Montel Williams has long served as an outspoken advocate for legalizing medicinal marijuana use, which saved him from opioid addiction.

Trump To Netanyahu: No Exports Of Medical Marijuana

In a turn of events that are leaving Israeli cannabis cultivators at a loss, US President Donald Trump told the Prime Minister of Israel that he’d prefer it if the Israeli state curbed its planned marijuana export industry

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Valentine's Day can be a real bummer for those who recently have been dumped or are simply tired of being single.

Veterans Want Medical Marijuana To Save Them From Opioids

Veterans would like the federal government to legalize the cannabis plant in an effort to reduce the risk of addiction and deadly overdose.

This Protein Powder Includes CBD To Give Fitness Buffs A Boost

A Denver-based supplement company has come up with a fresh idea: Adding cannabidiol (CBD) to the product.

Georgia To Consider Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Legislation was recently introduced that would legalize marijuana for recreational use—allowing weed to be sold in a manner similar to beer—throughout the state.

Lawyers Working On A Pathway To Recreational Cannabis For NYC

. If freshly voted in New Jersey governor Phil Murphy signs recreational cannabis into law, as he’s promised, New York is going to be flanked by legalized marijuana, with Massachusetts on the other side.

How Melding Marijuana Microdosing And Kundalini Yoga Can Heal The Brain

Becca Williams has found a path out of her perpetual lack of self-esteem and troubled past, and though it isn’t what might be considered traditional, she’s taking the gift and spreading it to others.

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If all goes according to plan, recreational marijuana in the Empire State could soon join eight other states and the District of Columbia.

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The active compounds in marijuana are showing promise in the lab when it comes to treating the pain seen in older dogs.