40 Percent Of People Have Fictional Memories Of Their Childhood

According to new research, over 40 percent of our very first memory is false. These memories, from ages one to three, get fuzzier as people get older.

‘Walking Dead’ Producer Is Developing A TV Reboot Of ‘Creepshow’

Greg Nicotero, known for his make-up work and producing role on "The Walking Dead," announced that he'll be helming a TV adaptation of the 80s movie Creepshow.

Despite All Odds Bitcoin Is Back, Sort Of

After a rough year that prevented Bitcoin investors from sleeping soundly, the cryptocurrency finally found its footing again, making a comeback that now values the coin at over $7,000.

Tommy Chong Reflects On 40 Years Of ‘Up In Smoke’

Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke has definitely aged in the 40 years since its release, and so has the prohibition creating its environment for contextual comedy.

Behold, The Best Selling Items On Amazon Prime Day In Each Country

The day-and-a-half event known as Amazon Prime Day may have seen a website glitch or two, but that didn't stop sales from surpassing the 100 million mark, making it a sales day bigger than Cyber Monday, Black Friday and last year's Prime Day.

What Is ‘Swan Upping’ And Why Do The Royals Do It?

Swan Upping, once about census taking, is now more about waterfowl education and conservation.

Go Ahead And Skip This Part Of Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

It used to be considered part of your teeth brushing routine every morning and night. But now, dentists say swishing with mouthwash is no longer a necessary party of your oral hygiene routine.

‘Bon Appétit’ Is Freaking Out Over These CBD Strips

You know cannabis has gone completely mainstream when Bon Appétit is writing about CBD strips.

Here’s How You Can Stop Snoring And Finally Allow People To Get Some Sleep

According to a study that surveyed thousands of people, around one fifth of them snored regularly. Even though this problem is very typical, if it's particularly strong, it can affect your sleeping habits, which in turn affect your overall health.

You May Be Jinxing Your Relationship By Playing Hard To Get

If you're familiar with the phrase, "like is attracted to like," then you will understand the theory behind why playing hard to get in a new relationship is utter nonsense.