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5 Apps To Help You Train Your Puppy

According to Pet Business, 7 in 10 millennials own a pet, with more than half of them choosing to own a dog.

What Is ‘California Sober’ And Is It Really A Thing?

It's starting to make sense to some people that cannabis may fall under the umbrella of sobriety, being that it is only a mild intoxicant when taken in moderation.

Lots Of People Are Dropping Their AirPods Onto Subway Tracks

The tiny headphones that come with their small container/charging station are futuristic and comfy, but also small and easy to lose.

Y’all Won’t Stop Flying With Weed Through California’s LAX Airport, Huh?

Police have seen trafficking arrests rise by 166% at LAX since California legalized cannabis in 2016, according to a new report.

Did You Hear? Gossiping Might Be Good For Us

A new study found that the majority of the gossip we share is harmless, made up of neutral information that doesn't paint anyone in a bad light.

Stop Discriminating Moms For Their Marijuana Use

According to a new poll, 68% of moms confess they’ve experienced discrimination for their cannabis use, revealing a double standard women receive around weed.

This Is The Best Dressed Royal According To Vogue Editor And...

When it comes to royal fashion, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle get all of the attention. And it's well deserved. But who is the best dressed according to British Voge editor Edward Enninful?

Dogs Of Instagram: English Mastiff

A gentle giant, the English Mastiff stands tall, which can be intimidating to those unfamiliar with this docile and friendly breed.

Average American Hasn’t Made A New Friend In Over 5 Years

A new study finds that stressful bar scenes and feeling like everyone's friend group is already established are some of the reasons people aren't making new friends.

Meme Of The Week: This Dancing Pikachu Video Created Millions Of...

Before the film's official release, Ryan Reynolds retweeted an hour and 40 minutes long video that looked a lot like a leak of the movie. It wasn't. It was a link from an imposter account featuring an extremely long loop of Pikachu dancing.