Friday, May 24, 2024


The Benefits Of Consuming Marijuana Alone

Sometimes you want to relax, recharge, just be you.  Here are the benefits of consuming marijuana alone.

The Best Small Ways To Improve Work Productivity

Some days you feel like you are on a hamster wheel, here are the best small ways to improve work productivity.

Is Marijuana At Passover Kosher

It is a time of family, friends and specially prepared feasts.  But is marijuana at Passover Kosher?

Marijuana MicroDosing Can Improve Mundane Tasks

What not fold a little fun and creativity into everyday tasks.  Marijuana microdosing can improve mundane tasks. 

5 Best Ways to Break The Doomscrolling Habit

Too much negative news is rough for your mental health.  Here are 5 ways to break the doomscrolling habit.

The Best 6 Ways To Increase Creativity At Work

You are there 40+ hours a week, why not make the most of it?  Here are the best 5 ways to increase creativity at work.

The Best Tips On How To Avoid Weekend Couchlock

You want to relax, explore and play.  Drinkers have to watch for hangovers, so here is how to avoid weekend couchlock.

7 Suggestions To Celebrate 4/20

On Monday, like every other Monday, most of the country will spend the day indoors, complying with social distancing regulations and avoiding meet-ups with their fellow marijuana loving friends.

How To Manage Warring Political Conversations

It shouldn't stop you from seeing true friends - here is how to manage warring political conversations.

Are You Really Ready To Try THC-P

With 4/20 almost here, the experienced consumer might try something different...but are you really ready to try THC-P?

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