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Great Moments In 2016: As a student walking around campus in 2016, you were faced with dildos everywhere. Find out why, if you dare.

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Why the world needs another The Mummy movie 18 years after Stephen Sommers’ trilogy is unclear. Was Brendan Fraser not enough? That’s a ridiculous question, Brendan Fraser is always enough.

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If you want to indulge in a little cannabis before your after-dinner coloring initiative, know that these The Fresh Toast-original designs put the will make up for all the great gifts you didn't get! Happy Holidays everyone!

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If current events have left you wondering how this is real life you’re not alone: Merriam-Webster has deemed word of the year 2016 to be...

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Four more restaurants at Disney World will begin serving wine and beer December 23. Here are 9 other places we wished served alcohol.

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With just week left in the White House staffers are pranking the President, this time will creeping snowmen up to no good.